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The one segment of the travel industry that has continued to show significant growth in recent years is Business Travel. As more and more countries are emerging as an international business hub with global business communities lining up, the continually rising number of corporate travellers seems to place an impact on the travel industry.

Airlines are improving and expanding their services and products to offer a seamless experience to business travellers.

We took a look at the fascinating business travel statistics for 2019, which made us come up with some useful insider tips to help those of you, who frequently travel on business purpose.

So, if you are planning your next business trip in any corner of the world, these tips might prove helpful to you.

1. Plan Your Trips Using Smart Tools

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Advancement in technology is one thing that has helped us all in almost every sphere of life and still, without any doubt, continues to do so. With everything else that technology has offered to makes our lives simpler, there are many mobile applications geared to specifically help business travellers save time and money, and are hassle-free.

So, while planning for your next business travel, you should look out for a booking tool that syncs with your e-calender and recommends you the best flights, hotels, and rental cabs, based on your calendar. Also, you may consider apps that lets you earn points and miles while you are travelling for work.

While you plan your business trip smartly, don’t forget to organize all the details in one place. For this, you may use mobile applications that automatically generate travel itinerary based on the confirmation receipts and emails, and easy to access on the go.

2. Avoid High Premiums Linked to Last Minute Airfare

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There are times when changes in the scheduled meetings make it impossible to avoid last-minute travel. This ultimately results in sky-high airfare. But not stopping there, there’s also the issue of fuel costs. One of the biggest costs for an airline is Aviation Fuel which can affect the premiums on last minute flights and their costs.

Now, what can you do possibly do to prevent the high airfare?

Don’t worry; there are ways to keep the premiums at minimal as you can book your tickets at least eight days or more in advance. This will help you save money on ticket booking as the tickets booked under seven days before departure can be 44 per cent more expensive (on an average) than the same ticket booked at least eight days or more in advance.

You may also read about the best ways to avoid airline fees.

If you are planning to book your next air ticket, you may look out for Faremart – An online platform that offers exclusive deals on air ticket booking services with access to more than 450 airlines.

3. Keep Track of One-Way Flights

One way flights

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Comparing options available and price for one-way flights (to and from the destination) is one thing that should be done by every business traveller. Practising this can save you a lot of money over booking round-trip flights. Not only does this help in saving money, but also enable you to choose different airlines for each leg of the trip. Also, there is greater flexibility to book flights according to the travel plan.

If you choose to travel with aeromexico airlines, then you may be privileged to avail their exclusive discounts, and will also be able to check the Aeromexico Flight Status and offers while being on a business trip.

4. Think Before Booking Your Flight Based on the Cheapest Fare Available

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Many airlines tend to offer economy fares while booking tickets. This is something that you should stay aware of since these economy fares offered are not a good fit for you as you cannot receive refunds or make any changes to the itinerary without booking an entirely new ticket.

Also, there are chances that you might get charged extra for the standard amenities like a carry-on bag.

5. Evaluate the Trade-Off between Hotels and Vacation-Rentals

Hotel versus vacation rental

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Most travellers are now aware of the fact that they can book vacation rentals and apartments, instead of hotels. So, we ask you to give a thought before you book a hotel to stay in at your next business trip. Are you wondering about the difference which booking a vacation rental brings along? Well, we have an answer to this too.

While you choose to book a vacation rental, you may enjoy many perks, including more space and comfort, and that too for a lot less money than a hotel room Some vacation rentals also offer kitchen and a beautiful living area, so that you can cook if you wish to, by being at peace. But, this does not mean that you should give up your choice of hotels. Some hotels offer cost-saving amenities like fitness centres, pools, free breakfast, etc.

Thus, you should give a thought to which one of these two serves all your needs, and then make the right choice of booking one.

You may also like to read about why vacation rentals are better than hotels.

6. Pack Like A Pro

Packing in itself is an art and being a business traveller, you must know how to pack absolute minimum, with everything you might need on your trip. We suggest you pack dark coloured clothes since these often hide stains and can also be re-worn. Also, shoes without laces are a plus. Packing a Dopp kit is a must-to-go-with item because you would not want to show up in a meeting with bad breath just because you forgot to carry toothpaste.

So, you have to stay prepared for virtually anything, with a set of dependable items. Also, to make sure that you don’t miss out on any important item, make a list of all the things you need while being on a trip, and after you are done packing, match the items you have packed with the list. This will ensure that you have everything you need.

You may also go through this packing checklist for business trips and keep all the essential items accordingly.

7. Stay On Check With Your Diet

Since you are expected to be on top of your game on a business trip, this is the worst time to disrupt your eating routine. Thus, rather than going for comfort foods, choose to eat a healthy meal. This is the best way to keep the stress away and avoid any disruptions in your routine.

You may also follow these tips to keep your diet simple and healthy:

  • Do not splurge on the dessert
  • Bring along some healthy snacks
  • Try to eat your meals in small portions

You may also research the health risks (related to a particular vegetable, meat, or drinking water) on the destination you are travelling to. By doing so, you will be able to avoid any health related problem which might otherwise occur.

Final Words

We understand that business trips can be a daunting task, but with the tips mentioned above, you sure will be able to give your best shot on your next trip.

Also, it is essential to know that while being on a business trip, you must take a break and relax by exploring the must-visit places at your destination of the journey.

Having provided you with the tips, we believe you will have a great experience on your next scheduled trip.

Travel Safe and Happy!!


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