3 Reasons to Have Portable Restrooms at Your Next Events

Holding events regularly is a great marketing and networking strategy every business owner should consider. Through events, you can attract new customers or clients and boost the loyalty of the existing ones. Additionally, by holding an event you get an opportunity to learn from others, meet mentors and even investors or partners. However, this is only possible when you plan your event well.

Portable restrooms at an outdoorl event

There are a number of factors you should consider when planning an event including the activities and the comfort of your guests. This article highlights the key benefits of having a portable restroom at your business event.


As mentioned above, the comfort of your guests is essential for the success of your event. Your guests will not enjoy the event if one has to hold their bladder till the end of the day, go outside the venue to look for a restroom or queue at the one restroom available at the facility to ease oneself. Some may skip the food and drinks when they realize that there is no washroom. Worse still, some guests may leave before you make your key presentation.

The best way to solve such issues and ensure that every guest enjoys the event to the end is to have some portable restrooms. It will be a small price to pay for the comfort of your guests. In addition to the standard portable toilets, companies also do make some for the physically handicapped.


When you hire portable washrooms, the company will give you some of their staff members to clean, disinfect, freshen the toilets and replace the toilet paper continually all day long. The services may be part of the package or you may pay for it separately. Additionally, the company will have cleaned and disinfected the toilets well before the event.

Giving your guests clean washrooms is not only good for your image but it’s also important to prevent infections.

Conserve the Environment

By using portable toilets in your event, you get to conserve the environment in two ways. One, most of the modern portable restrooms are designed to use less water. Therefore, you will have given your guests comfort without using so much water. Two, most companies that offer these facilities know how to dispose of the toilet contents properly.

Proper disposal reduces the sanitation related illnesses. Diseases have a negative impact on the economy since the affected maybe unable to work for some time and they also increase the cost of healthcare. Thus, using portable washrooms at your event is a good way of improving the economic impact of sanitation.


To know how many restrooms you need for your event, start by identifying the number of people who will be coming. Most portable restroom companies have a calculator on their website that allows you to calculate the number of restrooms using the number of guests. With such a calculation, you can avoid hiring too little or getting too many.

Finally, choose a reputable portable restroom rental company that will deliver clean toilets on time. You can’t afford to messing up your event’s image with mishaps like dirty or leaky toilets!


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  1. Luke Smith

    I like that you mentioned how the comfort of the guests is essential for the success of the event. My partner and I are getting married soon and we have picked an outdoor venue for the event. Outdoor venues usually do not have restrooms so we should probably ask for portable toilet rentals later.


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