A Solicitor’s Advice on Property Disputes

Property disputes are one of the most infuriating processes that anyone can go through. No matter what the situation is, nearly everyone thinks they’re right- which is part of what makes them so difficult to manage. Chances are that at least one side of a property dispute is in the wrong, and the real challenge is figuring out which side this is.

Solicitor advising client on property disputes

That’s why it’s always really helpful to get a solicitor involved; they’ll know all the rules and laws inside out and will be able to help you win your case (if you are in the right, of course). You can check out sites on Property Litigation to connect with a specialist for advice on property disputes.

But just what are they key points you need to understand in regards to property disputes? Don’t worry, we’re here to help by covering some of the basic advice a solicitor would give in these situations.

First Thing First: What is a Property Dispute?

So what actually is a property dispute? More or less, it’s an argument between a set of people over some sort of land or building which is owned. These can include houses, flats and apartments, lakes and even roads. Disputes can be between neighbours, landlords and their tenants, government agencies and even potential trespassers.

Our first piece of advice would be to use up any free consultations with solicitors that you can. The majority of law firms will offer some sort of starter session which will allow you to break down the basics of the situation to them and them to come up with a potential plan to resolve it. Even if it’s a 30 minute phone call or an hour long meeting at an office, it’ll do you the world of good to speak to them in person. You’ll get a good idea of the kind of people you’re dealing with, and will get an even better idea of the chances you have at winning your dispute.

Review Tenancy Agreements Closely

Next, you should make sure you have a lawyer look over any potential tenancy agreements you could be about to sign. This is a really important step, as it could bring any potential loopholes to your attention that you hadn’t noticed before. For example, a landlord may include a small detail about the move-out date which you’d have to comply with, even if you didn’t previously know about it.

Hiring a solicitor will allow you to iron out any of these potential speedbumps and means you can live peacefully without the threat of being kicked out.

Don’t Deliberately Engage in Any Property Disputes

Next is our most simple piece of advice- don’t deliberately engage in any property disputes. This may sound a bit too easy, but too many property disputes arise because of the stupidest reasons. Don’t grow a hedge that you know will block a neighbour’s view- this will only annoy them and lead to an argument.

Don’t fall out with your landlord if you can help it, as you don’t want to be forced to move out early and have to fight against that ruling. Keep yourself to yourself, stick to the rules and you’ll be fine.

So, there you go – three advice to heed before you plunge yourself in messy lawsuits. For more advice, please contact your trusted solicitor and/or specialist.


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