Power Drives Global Business

In today’s modern economy, power is more critical than ever before. While this reliance on power has brought a general robustness to the economy, especially in terms of data storage, as the massive global data giants, Microsoft, Google and Amazon fight it out in the cloud computing space. Small and medium businesses while slow to take advantage of the offering, are now swiftly adopting the revolution.

Business data center

Business data center

The big data centres have arrays of diesel generators to supply power in the event of mains failure and arrays of UPS systems to bridge the gap. Outside of western Europe, petrol or diesel generators are a much more common sight with households and businesses replying on them due to poor grid connections.

For most businesses now, a backup power supply is as critical as a second broadband connection, a mobile phone or a backup of data. Small businesses can spend extremely small amounts on backup power just to give them enough to run the essentials, whereas larger business may need to invest more. The changes are the more consumer facing the businesses are, the more essential this is. In todays modern world consumers demand instant gratification and your lack of availability may mean a lost customer.

My business Welland Power Generators UK, is a UK manufacturer of diesel generators – I have seen first-hand the devastation and loss of confidence that a power outage can bring. People often plan for short outages lasting a few moments, especially in Europe. These small disruptions rarely cause huge problems, but they can bring losses, especially at busy periods. What if the power lines are down and you have no power for a week? Two weeks? It happens and planning for it is essential. I will in no way argue that a generator is the solution that is right for you, it may be part of it, or you may be able to move locations, for example in the case of a small office to your own home while the problems are corrected.

Generators, however small, are often part of the mix to create a robust solution to your power requirements. Like all things, the components are a key driver of the overall product quality and it’s important to understand the diesel generators key components before investing.

The engine, alternator and controller are key, but second tier suppliers can still take shortcuts to reduce the cost – these sacrifice your reliability. Base frame strength, technical support and warranty are all important factors. Equally a regular service should be available to keep your unit running to its peak performance. For larger power requirements, get some project engineers in to make sure the job is done correctly, and your backup power will perform as required. While this is a more expensive option, overall it will pay dividends.


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