7 Tips For Organizing The Perfect Business Launch

First impressions last longest. This saying also applies in business and that is why there is always a lot of stress attached to business launches. Corporate events are usually the most tedious as you cannot just play simple fun events. Do not fret yet. We would walk you through seven tips for organizing the perfect business launch.

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1. Get your plan on paper

The first step is to get a pen on paper or if you prefer, type on your computer. It is time to start planning. You should know how many people you want at your event, the place you want to use, the goals you want to achieve, and how you want your event to look.

However, before you start making all those decisions, you have to first have a clear goal. Is this launch to get a product in the market? Is it to drive sales? Or do you just want to build popularity for your brand? This goal will help you decide the other details of your business launch.

2. Who are your attendees?

One of the primary purposes of business launches is to bring your brand to a certain target audience. This purpose is why you have to be certain your attendees are ready for the launch. You would also have to tailor your corporate events to suit them.

For instance, if your product is targeted at teens, your ideal attendees are teenagers. Therefore, you would have to plan a venue, manage your events to suit the things that are trending for them. Also, you have to make sure they are ready for the launch and your brand. You have to answer the question of ‘Is this the best time for this launch?’ from the perspective of your attendees.

3. Build the Hype

You might be tempted to focus all your energy solely on organizing a perfect launch. Your focus is good but you should be able to divert some to pre-launch hype. The days leading to your business launch are just as important as your business launch itself as these days can make or break your event.

There are several things you can do to build the hype towards your launch. From pre-launch landing pages to giving out freebies, pre-launch hype helps you build your attendees’ curiosity and interest, expands the reach of your customers, and increases awareness for your brand. You are also making sure you have a good following before the launch.

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4. Invite your Industry Influencers

You have to know influencers in your industry. Look for one whose lifestyle, age, and tone matches your brand. You can approach them to help you market your product or brand. This tip will move your marketing faster than you think. And they might not even charge you for it.

If you know any celebrities whose image fits your brand, they can also go a lot way in helping. A review, a retweet, a short blog, or just a comment can skyrocket your followership and help you reach a wider audience. You might just have to give them a sample of your product or mention their name in your blog and they will do a lot of good for your image.

5. Get Branded

Do not just do a rush logo and banner and decide you’re ready for business. Let everything about business-related speak about your business. From clothing to your stationery, you can get all these to reflect your brand. The good thing about these branded items is that they are catchy and tend to stick longer and faster in people’s minds than anything you might tell them.

You can also give out these branded items to people. You might be worried about the cost implication of that but the rewards offset the cost. These branded items are a continuous advertisement for you and a constant reminder to your customers to use your products. People who see it with them might also get interested in the brand. How do your customers get them though? This question brings us to the next point.

6. Give Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff no matter how small they are. You should incorporate freebies into your launch. If possible, you can give people a sample of your product. But, if that is too expensive for you, you can give out various branded items. A branded t-shirt will continue to advertise your brand as long as it is worn.

This generosity will endear you to people. You can even add some fun activities to the free stuff. A raffle, for instance, will bring people together at the launch. And you can use the gathering to inject more on your brand. It could also be a fun quiz on your brand and the people that get correct answers, get a gift.

Client reading emails

7. Stay Connected To Your Customers

Communication is a bedrock for every relationship. All through the planning of the business launch, try to keep your customers informed. Send them constant messages. You can even send them an email asking them to indicate their availability for attendance.

Through emails, calls, text messages, and reminders on social media, you can let your customers stay on top of all things regarding the launch. This constant information will help them feel like they are a part of your organization and increase their chances of attending. Keep them informed on blogs and social media too. Importantly, don’t forget to send a thank you message after they attend.

You can see that organizing the perfect business launch is not that difficult. It might still seem like there are a lot of things to do but you can automate some of your processes by using some software tools. An event management platform will help you with the planning logistics

Take your time with your business launch. Remember it is your first impression. Also, do not forget to have fun no matter how corporate your event is. Let your business launch speak for itself.


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