Is It Worth Getting Labour Hire Workers for Your Construction Project?

Construction is a fast-moving industry in New Zealand, and it is one of the sectors that are most closely linked with the country’s growth.

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If you are currently heading a construction project, then , for the most part, you are on the receiving end of good news: About a quarter of New Zealand’s employment growth in 2020 will be in your sector, and construction opportunities will be rife in the wake of a strong population growth and continuing post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in the Canterbury Region, particularly in Christchurch and Kaikoura.

The question is, is your current labour model suited to your project’s individual needs? Are you worried about finishing your project on schedule, but have neither the time nor the money to screen a new set of permanent candidates?

If the country’s optimism for its construction sector hasn’t found its way to your work site yet, then it may be time to consider outsourcing labour hires. The addition of a few part-time hands, made possible by the right recruitment company, may just be the stopgap measure that your project needs.

Whether your project involves vertical infrastructure (i.e. commercial buildings), horizontal infrastructure (like roadwork), or residential infrastructure (such as home building or repair), you are likely to find a good labour-hire company that can address your requirements.

Here are four good reasons why contracting labour-hire workers may benefit your project.

1. It will save you time, money, and grief over logistics

If you turn the matter of labour hiring over to a leading construction recruitment company, you can count on them to oversee tedious processes like screening candidates, interviewing potential workers, and navigating through all the red tape.

Your partner recruitment company can source and vet candidates for you, and they can do the logistical legwork pertaining to law-mandated health check-ups, drug screenings, and provision of PPE (personal protective equipment).

2. There is a considerable choice in the labour-hire packages being offered today

You are not the only ones facing problems like skills shortage and tight project deadlines, and local construction recruitment companies know that. To that end, many of them now offer customised labour packages with added perks, such as on-site labour management and the provision of premium construction tools.

One more thing: You can usually choose the degree to which your own construction project will benefit from these.

3. Labour hiring will allow greater flexibility during the peaks and lulls of the project

It is true that construction work takes place all year round, but individual projects have their peaks and their lulls. Sometimes, work needs to be done on a round-the-clock basis; other times, the pace is slow and fewer hands are needed on deck.

Getting labour-hire workers exclusively for the project’s crunch times will enable you to scale up or scale down, all in accordance with your timetable and budget.

4. It will prevent overwork on the part of your regular construction staff

Contracting labour-hire workers on an as-needed basis will benefit not only you, the project supervisor, it may also be a relief on the part of your company’s full-time construction workers. Acquiring a labour-hire package is a means to increase productivity without having to burden your staff with overtime work—and without you having to pay hefty overtime costs.

Everyone will be able to work at a normal, feasible rate without risking physical and emotional exhaustion.


Ultimately, hiring additional workers during the project’s upswing may be highly advantageous on your part. You can increase your productivity in the precise hour of your need, guarantee your commitment to your project’s deadlines, and help some of New Zealand’s brightest construction workers build fulfilling new careers.

If you’re starting to feel the pressure and you need the extra help as soon as possible, reach out to a construction recruitment outfit today!


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