5 Best Offsite Meeting Ideas To Inspire Your Employees

Despite business owners’ efforts to set up the best offsite meetings, many employees dread attending them. As a business owner, you might want to host one of the few great offsite meetings. After all, your company’s success could depend on it.

Conducting off-site meeting

These meetings are a great opportunity to build relationships. However, if you fail to plan a fun and exciting yet educational meeting with your team, you will improve your company’s productivity levels.

Read this post to learn about the best offsite meeting ideas to inspire your team.

Revisit Your Company Values

One of the best ways to inspire your team is to revisit your company values. As businesses expand, employees often lose sight of the bigger picture. They forget what the company is based on. Moreover, they get so overwhelmed that they often start to neglect their company’s core values. As a result, employees lose motivation and become less satisfied at work. The entire team as a whole can drift apart and, in turn, produce lower quality work.

Remind your team of your company’s core values during an offsite meeting. Use fun activities to get them thinking about how they can live through those core values on a daily basis. Inspire your team with this best offsite meeting idea.

Establish One Core Theme

Another great offsite team meeting idea to utilize is to establish one core theme. When business owners do not determine what their main point for hosting an offsite meeting is, they struggle to stay on-topic during the event. In turn, they have trouble engaging with employees. Fortunately, you can easily avoid these negative outcomes by deciding on one core theme prior to the meeting date.

To choose the best theme, consider your team’s biggest issue. Use it to fuel your meeting by making its positive counterpart your core theme. For instance, your main issue may be that your team struggles to work in larger groups. In such a case, make your core theme “working in larger groups”. Use this best offsite meeting idea to inspire your team members and solve issues simultaneously.

Choose An Accessible Location

Additionally, you need to choose an accessible location for your offsite meeting. One of the leading factors that discourages employees about out-of-office events is the traveling process.

Workers do not want to pay for transportation or spend hours in the car driving to a destination. Moreover, they grow even more frustrated when their destination is not easily accessible. They spend time traveling and then have to walk far distances just to attend a meeting.

Ensure that your employees enter your meeting place in good spirits by selecting a convenient location for everyone. You can check out Meetinkz for help finding meeting spaces near you. If you select a great location for your offsite meeting, you can start inspiring your workers right from the start.

Off-site business meeting

Inquire About Amenities Beforehand

Business owners who properly prepare for their offsite meetings keep employees satisfied as well. One of the best ways to prepare is to inquire about the provided amenities beforehand. That way, you can avoid getting backtracked during your meeting.

Contact the establishment that you plan to host your meeting at. Ask them about the tools you need to educate and motivate your team members. These amenities typically include Wi-Fi and catering. By determining your amenities before the meeting date, you set yourself up for offsite meeting success.

Ask Team Members For Their Input

Furthermore, ask your team members for their input about an offsite meeting. Employees immediately feel appreciated when they are asked for their opinions. Since appreciated employees usually feel more motivated than ones who feel unnoticed in the workplace, this is a great idea to take advantage of.

You can ask your employees for their input in a variety of ways. Some business owners request ideas during their weekly staff meetings. Others send email surveys that include questions regarding meeting location and offsite activity preferences. Regardless of how you ask your workers for their opinions, you will plan an inspirational offsite meeting if you do.


In order to plan and host an effective offsite team meeting, you need to take advantage of the best ideas. For instance, consider revisiting your company’s core values to spark interest and motivation in your workers. Establish one core theme by taking your main struggle into account.

Location also plays a major role in employee engagement and satisfaction at offsite events. Contact the establishment that you plan to hold your meeting at and ask them about the amenities they offer. Finally, ask your team members for their input to make them feel noticed before the event. Use these top offsite meeting ideas to inspire your employees and produce better work.


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