7 Ways to Manage your Superannuation Claims

Superannuation claims are a large part of the pension and retirement industry. You need to know how to get your claim processed, who to talk to, and how long it takes to process the claim.

Superannuation claims

The seven steps below can be used at any time if you believe you are owed retirement benefits, death benefits, or a payout.

1. Contact A Lawyer

You can reach out to superannuation lawyers for help with your claim. Complaining to the company that manages the pension will not help you because the people you talk to do not have the authority to pay you. A lawyer knows how to reach out to the company, how the pensions are managed, and how to file a claim against the pension.

2. Are You Of Retirement Age?

If you have reached retirement age, you have a right to receive payments from your pension. However, there are times when you need to contact a lawyer because your lawyer will not allow you to receive payments. Let your lawyer determine why you are not being paid. You should not contact your employer because this may have been nothing more than a clerical error.

3. Are You Requesting Early Retirement?

Some people are eligible for early retirement based on the terms of their contract. You need a lawyer to help you if you are not allowed to take early retirement. Plus, you need to provide all the documentation that proves you can claim early retirement benefits.

If you need to file a claim against your employer, you need to present all the evidence that you have. Your lawyer will need to investigate your claim, as well.

4. Are You Requesting Death Benefits?

You must submit a form to receive death benefits, but you may need a lawyer to file the claim for you. Some employers do not want o pay death benefits even though you have the appropriate paperwork. You can file a claim asking for death benefits, and your lawyer will fight for your rights as the spouse or child who has survived the employee.

5. What If The Employer Did Not Pay Into Your Accounts Properly?

If your employer did not pay into your account properly, you have a right to determine how much money should be in the account. If you are not sure how much the employer should have paid, you can ask your lawyer to investigate the situation.

When you were not properly compensated by your employer, they are in violation of your contract. You can sue for damages, or you could file a claim requesting all the money that should have been paid into your account.

6. What About Disability Benefits?

There are many options for disability benefits if you are hurt on the job. You will qualify for disability when it has been proven that you were hurt on the job. If your employer disputes your injury, you need to be paid as soon as you stop working.

You can share your injury information with your lawyer, and your lawyer may need to request damages for the injury along with your early retirement/disability benefits.

7. Sue For The Correct Amount

Some people are not given credit for all the years of service that they put in with the company. You can ask your lawyer to investigate your claim because you may not have received credit for years of service that you believe should count. This is especially important if the company gives you credit for military service, civil service, or even service with another company. It is best to get something in writing that proves you are correct.


You can file a superannuation claim at any time, and you should ask your employer to pay you properly based on your contract. You should ask a lawyer to help you with death benefits or disability benefits. You also need to ask your lawyer to look at any claim that the business has shortchanged you.

You have a right to retire well, and you have every right to ask your employer to review your pension because they have not managed it properly. Do not complain to the company when you can hire a lawyer to help you.


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