5 Home Based Business Ideas – for a Lucrative Side Hustle

We all want to earn more money. Whether it’s to boost our monthly income, or you’re saving for a house, holiday or a new car. And while it might not be possible to get more hours working at your current job, there are other ways you can earn money from home by setting up your own little side business!

Home-based business owner

The best thing about setting up a side business at home is the fact that you can put in as many hours as you wish and be fully in control of every aspect of your business. You don’t have to answer to anyone, and you can enjoy the profits!

Wondering what kind of business you could start from home? Check out these 5 home based business ideas.

Freelance writing

If you have a flair for writing and your grammar and spelling are on point, then a role in freelance writing could be for you. It’s a minimal spend set up; all you’ll need is a computer, internet access and a plagiarism checker – you can even get lots of free help online when it comes to making citations by using tools like this. From blog posts, to website content, writing promotional material for businesses, scripts for radio commercials and so much more. The possibilities are endless, and you can charge by the hour, per word or per article.


Got an opinion? Or something you want to share? Perhaps you’re positively bursting with travel advice or parenting tips. Or maybe you just want to talk about your life. Whatever your niche, you can make money by blogging. Once you get a bit of a following you can make money by selling the advertising space on your blog or you can make money reviewing products!

Courier service

All those parcels and packages need to be delivered by someone, so why not you? As long as you have a suitable vehicle and a clean driving license you can work for any courier company that is hiring. And thanks to the convenience of internet shopping, the courier service is booming! You can do as many hours as you wish and if you have a great knowledge of your local area then this will be a breeze!


Anyone can upcycle an item and give it a second lease of life. However if you want to make a success of it then you have to be patient and work pretty hard. Anything from an old chair to a tired old dresser can be transformed into something beautiful and highly sought after. Head to some flea markets, charity shops or check out what’s for sale in your area on social media to pick up some bargains and get upcycling!

Translation services

Do you know a second language? Or even a third? If so, you have the potential to earn money by using your talents as a translator. You can do this remotely from home, by translating documents, books, or even complete translation recordings using some simple at-home recording equipment. It’s very lucrative.


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