Consider Essential Add-On Features when Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy

If you were contemplating on choosing a car insurance policy, your best bet would be to look for the best car insurance companies in the business. It would be in your best interest to look for all kinds of car insurance needs, such as those offered by They would offer you a plethora of features suitable for your specific needs and requirements.

Car insurance policies

Let us delve on the various add-on features that would be imperative to have in the top car insurance company.

Depreciation reimbursement

The most popularly recommended add-on feature in a car insurance company would entitle you to claim the entire cost of replacing car parts that have been damaged in an accident. The best part is you do not have to pay for them from your pocket. Mostly, a zero depreciation add-on feature would be valid for a limited period starting from the date of purchase of the vehicle. It would range to a maximum of 2 claims during the duration of the policy.

Securing your engine

It would be imperative for new cars. It would be essential for high-end car models being up to three years of age. It would compensate for repairs in the engine not related to any kind of accident. You should rest assured that this add-on feature would be useful for living in an area that has been prone to flood or water-logging during monsoons. It would increase the chances of causing damage to the engine. Despite the added cost, it would be worth every dime spent.

Roadside assistance

It has been a highly useful add-on feature providing specific round the clock services inclusive of towing, refueling, technical problems in the battery, changing of tires, arranging for services of a mechanic, and more. It would offer you roadside assistance in case of a car breakdown. The company would send assistance regardless of where you were. Besides, you would be eligible for taxi service, arrangement for emergency accommodation, and other available utility benefits when stranded in a relatively remote destination.

Protection from No Claim Bonus

You would be able to make the most of the No Claim Bonus or NCB when you do not make any kind of car insurance claim during the duration of the policy. There would be several slabs of NCB that could be reached with every passing year. It would offer you a maximum of 50% of the limit. The add-on feature would offer you claims inclusive of repair or replacement of the windshield, accessories or vehicle theft or for a total loss of the car. The protection would cover the two initial claims.

Covers small consumable expenses

Not all standard insurance policies would cover small consumable expenses inclusive of nuts and bolts, screws, oil, and more. Therefore, the car owner would be required to bear the cost if the need arises for replacing or repairing them. You would be able to make the most of the small consumable expenses cover to handle such expenses.

Purchasing car insurance would be essential for you. However, purchasing the right car insurance with add-on features would be a boon for you.


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