Why Using Personal Phone Numbers Looks Unprofessional

Entrepreneurs that serve local customers can create credibility for their brand by securing a cost-effective VoIP business number.

Business woman using VoIP

You can’t grow your business using your personal phone. More importantly, if you use your personal phone for business, it will make your business look unprofessional in the eyes of potential buyers.

You can set up a VoIP line and still take business calls on your cell phone. In the future, however, your VoIP phone number can grow along with your business.

As Your Business Expands You Can’t Maintain Control With Your Personal Number

When you use your cell phone number for both personal and business calls, you never know why someone’s calling unless you’re familiar with the number. How can you know when to answer the phone professionally?

Also, how do you know where to answer the call? For instance, you can’t negotiate new business from inside of a noisy coffee shop. A brief confusion at the beginning of an important business phone call won’t instill confidence in a potential new customer – especially when there’s big money on the line.

Get a Business Line Now to Avoid Problems Later

Eventually, you’ll invest in marketing to grow your business. In the beginning, you may start advertising your business by circulating flyers. Most small business owners then move on to building an online presence.

As the years go by, you’ll publish your phone number on a variety of media. However, when your inbound calls grow to a volume that you can’t manage on your personal phone, your left with a mess.

Now, you’ve published your personal number everywhere. Essentially, you no longer have a personal phone – it’s now your business number.

You can avoid this scenario by setting up a VoIP phone number as soon as you start your business. Today, VoIP phone number providers offer subscription plans that are within an acceptable price range for even the smallest businesses.

A Growing Business Needs a Dedicated Phone Line

In a business environment where consumers increasingly demand instant gratification, it’s often the first company that responds to a customer inquiry that closes the sale. As your business expands, you could make sure you never miss a customer inquiry by forwarding business calls to a partner or employee. However, this presents another problem; your personal calls will go to someone else.

It’s much simpler to set up a low-cost VoIP phone line. By doing so, you can keep your personal life and your business life organized. For example, with a VoIP phone line, you can easily route customer calls wherever you desire, such as a designated employee or even a third-party answering service.

Big Business Benefits, Small Business Price

The low price point of virtual phone numbers makes it easy to afford more than one line. Managing virtual phone numbers is simple and straightforward.

Your service provider will give you access to an administrative panel that controls all the functions of your VoIP business line. Using it, you can perform all needed administrative tasks. If you prefer, you can also manage your account using your smartphone. You can also use your VoIP service to reply to consumer text messages or send branded mass text messages.

More importantly, you can use a VoIP phone number to build your local presence. For instance, you can easily secure a 212 area code number to let New York City customers know that your business is a part of the community.

VoIP business phone services are remarkably cost-effective. You can even afford a toll-free phone number or vanity number. By displaying your vanity number next to your local business number, you can build instant credibility for your small business.

Thanks to accessible VoIP phone services, small business owners can give their enterprises a professional image. A VoIP business phone line will make communicating with your customers straightforward and build credibility for your brand.


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