Fleet Management: Calmac’s How to Tyre Care Guide

Not only scheduling and tracking, but fleet management is also all about maintaining the condition of your company vehicles. Especially tyres, you need to make sure that these are at top-notch condition to ensure your drivers’ and vehicles’ safety.

Mechanic checking car tyre

A good way to keep your tyres in good health is by doing monthly check-ups yourself and using professionals on a periodic basis. Majority of us are no experts when it comes to taking care of our tyres. Nonetheless, it is essential for all drivers that they must be mindful of a few basics. Some of these are:

1. Keeping a check on the alignment of your tyres: Incorrect alignment can weaken your tyres

and make them more susceptible to wear offs, tears and punctures. If you want to know whether your tyres are aligned or not, you can do this by noticing if your car is drifting to one side more when you are driving in a straight line. If it is then this definitely means that your car requires wheel alignment re-done.

2. Keep your tyres properly inflated

Keeping your tyres inflated at the optimum pressure is essential for a smooth and fuel-efficient drive. An over-inflated tyres is more prone to wear and tear and an under-inflated tyre creates more resistance which causes more fuel consumption. To check the pressure of your tyres, you can simply use a small pressure gauge. It is pretty inexpensive and can be bought from a home goods store and can save you from an elaborate tyre problem.

3. Be mindful of the wear & tear

All tyres face wear and tear. How much wear and tear a tyre undergoes depends on the usage of the tyres and the terrain that it is being driven on. The wear and tear and excessive heating causes a loss of tread depth of the tyre. A tyre with a tread depth less than 1.6 mm is not only more risky as its grip on the road is below the acceptable safety levels but is also more prone to blow-outs.


If you are mindful of these easy tips, then rest assured your tyres will go a long way. For more technical care and maintenance you need to use professionals who can exactly tell you what needs to be done and when does your tyre need replacement. You can get tyres in Northampton at the best local prices at Calmac Tyres. You name it and they shall have the brand. So, whenever you need tyres, keep them in mind and you won’t be disappointed.


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