Team Spirit: 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Custom T-Shirts for Your Staff Members

Today a multimillionaire entrepreneur is just as likely to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt as a business suit. Casual is the new cool, which is one reason many businesses now supply employees with branded company t-shirts. But, style aside, investing in custom t-shirts can improve workplace efficiency and create more relaxed employees.

Employees wearing company tshirts

Casual, comfortable workwear makes dressing for work easier and acts as a mobile advertising medium. It is also very easy and affordable to create your own unique shirts.

1. It Is Not Difficult to Print Your Own T-Shirts

Some businesses order company t-shirts from printers who use large machines to screenprint bulk orders. The process uses the same type of transparencies, or stencils, that were once the most common way to transfer printed images. However, you can borrow the technique and create your own shirts on a smaller scale. It is easy to find more about transparencies online. Businesses that specialize in laminating and transparencies can also explain how to choose the right type of transparency, design, and fabric for your needs.

DIY screen printing makes it easy to change designs often and keep a supply of shirts on hand.

2. Branded Shirts Create Team Spirit

Employees tend to feel more like a team when they are wearing company branded clothing. In fact, many businesses consider their custom t-shirts official uniform wear and all workers are required to wear them, especially when meeting the public.

Company shirts also ensure team members recognize one another and are recognized by customers during trade shows or other public events. A recent article in The Business Journals publication stated that providing a variety of cool-looking custom shirts to workers helps increase company morale.

3. Every Employee Dresses with Style

Custom t-shirts can be used to ensure that every worker has the same casual, stylish look. Moguls like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg made simple t-shirts and jeans trendy workwear. T-shirts can also be equalizers that prevent any one person from standing out because of their clothes.

In workplaces that require traditional business attire like suits, it is inevitable that some workers will appear better dressed than others, which can be demoralizing to those without a fashionable wardrobe.

4. Choosing Work Clothes Is Easy

According to Entrepreneur magazine, great business minds often choose the t-shirt and jeans look because it saves money, energy and time. There are dozens of stressors in employees’ lives and many people have hectic schedules. Company t-shirts can make their lives easier by eliminating the problem of choosing work clothes. Employees who are allowed to wear company t-shirts with casual clothing spend little time or money choosing work clothes.

5. Company T-Shirts Are Mobile Advertisements

Workers who wear t-shirts printed and supplied by their employers can help create brand recognition everywhere they go. Because t-shirts are comfortable, staff members often wear them away from work, turning themselves into walking advertisements.

Company shirts tend to last a long time so employees often continue to publicize their companies for years. If businesses choose eye-catching or interesting logos, shirts can also become conversation starters that help grow brands.


Screen printed, branded t-shirts make ideal workwear because they create team spirit and make a casual fashion statement. Company shirts also simplify employee wardrobe choices. With these benefits in mind, many companies now print their own shirts. Custom-designed shirts then become valuable advertising media that last for years because employees enjoy wearing them.

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