How to Boost E-commerce Sales in the Holiday Season

We’re getting close to the holiday season, the period when people are willing to spend a lot of money on presents for their loved ones. However, since your customers are preparing their wallets, you should as well do several things to get better results and higher profits.

Boosting eCommerce sales

Because of that, we would like to provide you a few strategies to boost e-commerce sales in the holidays, and hopefully, you’ll manage to have more sales in 2019 as in the past few years.

Offer free shipping and refunding options

One of the easiest ways to generate more sales during the holidays is by offering free shipping. What some retailers don’t know or don’t really take into account is that the shipping cost is among the top reasons why customers abandon the shopping cart. Your competitors will probobly offer free shipping, and if you don’t do the same, your sales will be at risk.

On top of that, make sure you’ve set a customer-friendly refund process, in order to avoid getting bad feedback from people who don’t like what they’ve purchased (the kind of things which might cause unnecessary disputes with customers. There are a few dispute mediation services which handle these issues, such as Purchase Guard). If that’s the case, the holidays might turn out to be a period when you collect a lot of negative ratings, and that won’t be supportive in the long run.

Adjust your page for holidays

Since it’s the holiday season, your store pages should communicate that, as well. Decorate your e-commerce website to be in tune with the period, and by doing that, you’ll change how people feel when they visit it.

With the holiday spirit, your store has a higher chance of attracting a lot of new customers. Decoration ideas are endless, and you don’t even have to work too hard on them since there are plenty of scripts and free HTML codes online.

Add engaging content

You must differentiate yourself from the competition, and with engaging content, the odds of you generating more sales are even greater. Provide your customers with valuable holiday tips related to the products you sell or offer them holiday gift-guides, how-to-guides, or other useful things that will suggest you care about them and would like to provide them real value.

It’s business as usual for most of the retailers, but your customers want to see that you are committed to provide added value and take them by surprise.

Use upsells and cross-sells

If you don’t already know what upselling and cross-selling are, it’s time to do some research on this topic. We don’t want to get into the definition of both, but in order to motivate you, Amazon had reported that 35% of their revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling deals. In other words, this could take your business performance to the next level, so make sure to take it into account.


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