Do You Need a Lawyer When Claiming for Workers’ Compensation?

When claiming for workers’ compensation benefits, one of the questions that may enter your mind is: do I need a lawyer when claiming for worker’s compensation benefits?

Hire a lawyer for making workers' compensation claims

Technically, the answer is no. You can usually do the filing for claims yourself without any lawyer’s help. However, not all are comfortable doing this by themselves.

For one, they are afraid of being given less of what they actually deserved. This is a sad reality, but some companies and even insurance companies do not give the full compensation an employee deserves, primarily for their own interests.

But let’s be clear: we don’t intend to put employers, companies and insurance companies in a bad light – it just so happens that some do rip off their employees. So, just as your employer is interested in his, well, self-interest (which is not necessarily bad), you must secure your own interest as well – in this case, by learning your own rights and responsibilities. And this is where a lawyer comes in: a good lawyer is client-oriented, and should treat your interests as their interests as well!

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

To be clear, you don’t necessarily need to hire a lawyer full-time in claiming your workers’ compensation benefits. As mentioned above, you don’t even need a lawyer when filing a claim – at least in most cases. But some situation demands that you hire a lawyer or ask for their help. Here are some of these situations:

1. You think you are being lowballed

One of the problems when claiming for workers’ comp benefits is not that your employer or company won’t give it, but they give at a lower rate than what your actual benefit should be – and most don’t even know they are being lowballed!

One way to learn if you’re being lowballed or not is simply by research. Once you’ve learned the basics of workers’ comp in your state, you may have an idea of what you should get based on your case. If you happen to know someone with a similar case, you may ask him/her about the workers’ comp benefit he/she received. This will give you an idea if your benefits are fair or you are being lowballed.

A consultation with a lawyer will help you assess if you are receiving fair compensation or lesser than what you really deserved. In case you found out you are being lowballed, you and your lawyer can challenge a case against your employer/company so you can receive the fair benefits of your workers’ comp.

2. Your claim is actually denied

Sometimes, your employer and insurance company will contest your workers’ comp claim. The common reason they give is that, your injury or illness is actually not work-related.

If your injury is truly work-related even though they deny your claim, a lawyer can help you set up your case at a hearing, so you can claim your workers’ compensation.

3. Your employer or insurance company delays or denies your treatment

Just because you’ve successfully claimed your workers’ compensation benefits does not mean your problems regarding this will end.

Aside from lowballing, another problem you may face is denial or delay of your treatment. If your employer or insurance company denies or delays your treatment, seek a lawyer because he/she will help you put pressure on your employer or insurance company.

That way, they will be forced to finally give you the fair treatment you need.

Workers compensation claim


As you can see, workers’ compensation, sadly, can be a tough process. But it’s also a process that’s worth fighting for.

Again, this is not to demean employers and insurance companies – many of them are fair in providing workers’ comp benefits to their employees. And just employers should be fair, so should the employees – some employees rip their employers off by intentionally injuring themselves during work hours, then claim for workers’ compensation.

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