Why is Retargeting Worth a Try (Infographic)

Retargeting requires some practice and knowledge to get positive results. It is well worth the effort, though. The fact that only 2% of website visitors purchase on their first visit to a website should be reason enough to consider the many options of a retargeting campaign. Through cookies, you can bring your ads to visitors anywhere online, encouraging them to return to your website.

Retargeting tips

The following are crucial facts on the effectiveness of retargeting:

  • Increases engagement by 400%
  • Boosts sales by 50% by combining retargeting with another marketing channel
  • Retargeted ads’ click-through-rate is 0.7%, while display ads’ click-through-rate is 0.07%.
  • 70% of users that see retargeted ads are more likely to buy
  • Increases average conversion rates by 147%.

More stats and facts here:

Retargeting infographic

It’s a fact – retargeting is effective. So why do only 33% of marketers apply it to boost sales and attract returning visitors? Because it requires effort, knowledge, and time to master it.

There are two ways to approach a retargeting campaign. One is to make the visitors aware of something. Awareness targeting focuses on visitors that haven’t interacted much with your website. Thus, it is a less targeted goal. It is designed to bring awareness to visitors about new products, features, and promotions.

The second approach is to push for conversion. This is targeting visitors that interact with your website often but aren’t purchasing. They keep window shopping but always leave their cart. This retargeting focuses on encouraging them to finally buy what they keep looking at. A good approach is to offer a promotion specifically catered towards those returning visitors who don’t buy.

Social media retargeting is the next step to success. Social media platforms are considered the best place for retargeting, according to 54% of marketers. Considering the astounding, and continuously growing numbers, it’s perfectly understandable:

  • 78% of Americans aged 18-24 use Snapchat
  • 71% of Americans aged 18-24 use Instagram
  • 68% of adults in the US use Facebook
  • 35% of Americans aged 30-49 use Pinterest.

Numbers like these don’t lie that, if there is one thing people use most, that’s social media. Although there are opportunities for retargeting with other platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the best. This is because both have a wide variety of ad formats and options.

That said, it is 76% more likely that Facebook users would click retargeted ads over other types of ads.

Bottom Line

Marketers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve website traffic, engagement, and ultimately, sales. Not all have tapped into the benefits of retargeting. In fact, only 33% of marketers use retargeting as part of their marketing campaign.

With proper retargeting efforts, you can bring back that 98% of visitors who decided not to buy from you and left the website, giving you a head start against the competition.


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