9 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers, Likes and Fans

Standing out on Instagram can be pretty difficult. With over a billion users each month, it takes real strategy to get noticed. It can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure how to navigate the platform to find and engage followers. Keeping those users around also takes know-how.

Instagram strategy for increasing followers and interactions

Fortunately, there are some hands-on ways to increase Instagram followers, likes and fans. These tips have real impact on engagement. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Create a Professional Looking Profile

Instagram users decide fairly quickly whether they want to follow a profile simply by taking a quick scroll through the feed and browsing at the photos. They may peek at your bio to see what you’re all about, as well. This means you have to wow them within an instant if you hope to get them to click that follow button.

Make it look professional by paying attention to details like using a consistent filter for your photos, writing a stellar bio and having Instagram Stories Highlights at the top of your feed to provide users your most important information.

2. Be Relatable

Instagram is a social place. People want to feel like they can really get to know the users they follow there. Yes, even the brands. Show the faces behind your brand. Find ways to feature the personality behind your company. You can buy Instagram likes and followers, but you also need to think long term.

Share insights and sneak peeks. Include photos with faces, as this has been proven to increase engagement such as likes and comments. Incorporate video into your feed and Stories. Showing off your personal side is almost always a hit.

3. Create a Custom Instagram Stories Filter

Instagram Stories is becoming big. Users are checking out Stories as often as they are scrolling through feeds. Stories is a fun way to showcase a series of posts that tell, well, a story. They offer a ton of features to enhance the creativity and fun of your Stories, too. One thing you can do to set yourself apart is to create a custom Instagram Stories filter for your brand.

These filters use augmented reality, or AR, to add fun effects to photos. Instagrammers can then use your filter on their own posts, and people can see who created it, putting you in front of a whole new audience.

Instagram influencer collaboration

4. Give Collaborations a Go

Getting exposure to another popular user’s account is a highly effective way to find new followers and fans. Plus, collaborations add variety to your feed and are a lot of fun. Reach out to brands that are relevant to your own in order to propose working together.

Be sure to have a couple ideas on hand, along with the ways this collaboration can benefit them. You could also find key influencers in your niche to approach. These popular users have already cultivated a loyal following who may be interested in your brand, as well.

5. Cross-Promote

Even if you’re new to Instagram, chances are good you have a number of other online profiles and properties. You’re worked hard to gain a following on Facebook and Pinterest. Your blog readership is high, and you have a decent-sized email subscriber list.

Take advantage of the audience you’ve built in these places by sharing your Instagram profile with them. Your current fans will surely love to follow your new account.

6. Run Some Ads

Advertising is a tried and true method for creating awareness and promotion. It makes sense to consider running some Instagram ads to boost your following and get people engaging with your posts. While creating an effective ad strategy may seem intimidating, it’s not all that difficult. This is especially true if you’ve used Facebook ads, as the two use the same ad manager. Or if you want to do it in the grey area, you could try bots; Increditools promotes bots. They say bots will help to grow your profile.

Set your budget, decide on the type of ad you want and input your target demographics. Some trial and error may be necessary in order to know which are most effective, so be sure to monitor your analytics.

Instagram Insights

7. Use Instagram Insights

Speaking of analytics, Instagram offers business accounts their own metrics program called Instagram Insights. You should regularly monitor your Insights in order to get a feel for which posts are going over well with your followers and which aren’t.

You can also look for patterns in follower growth and work to replicate those results. Keep doing what’s working, and consider paring back your efforts and things that aren’t as effective.

8. Incorporate Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are like sonar for gaining followers. It’s comparable to sending out a beacon or giving them a roadmap to find you. The trick is knowing how to use them wisely. You want to incorporate relevant hashtags that aren’t too popular or you’ll get lost in the crowd.

Find tags that are specific enough to draw your target demographic. You can do this by checking out competitors within your niche and researching the hashtags they and their followers are using. Creating your own custom hashtag for a campaign can also create excitement around your brand.

9. Check Out Your Competition’s Audience

While we’re on the topic of the competition, paying attention to your competitors can really be a great way to find some quality followers of your own. After all, those who are following similar brands may be even more interested i what you have to offer.

So, take time to engage followers of the competition. Follow these users, like their photos and leave them meaningful comments. Chances are good they’ll check out your profile and follow you back.

Give these tips for gaining new Instagram likes, followers and fans a try. These proven strategies will help you to increase your numbers and start building relationships with potential customers in no time.


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