Is Timothy Sykes a Scam Artist?

If you’ve been digging into the world of online trading, Timothy Sykes is a name online communities and major headlines might have already led you to.

Tim Sykes

He’s known as the guy who at 21 took his Bar Mitzvah money (around $12,000) and turned it into $1.65 million – all while he was still in college. Sykes has built an educational empire, strategy and consultancy business that has helped thousands of people across the globe understand penny-stock trading as a legit investment option. A sizeable chunk of those people also ended up becoming his dedicated students and have been earning fortunes.

Sykes rakes in money, and he likes to flaunt that, a lot! His bold approach and living-it-large does get a lot of students knocking on his door, but that’s something which also sometimes rains on his parade as well. People often think he’s a scam, because his flashy lifestyle looks just like another online marketing gimmick, but its not.

How did he make millions?

Tim has an impressive trading performance. Here’s a quick peak into his profit charts over the years.

Penny stock trading is Tim’s forte. Learning from a lot of his mistakes, he started building his own strategies by extensively studying past trends. During a lot of his lessons, he mentions how no matter where he is in the world, he is always watching the market. He constantly researches new sectors, potential percentage gainers, anything he can find that can loop in his conquest.

Tim is someone who calls a spade a spade. He basis his method on years of practice, studying and documenting patterns and by watching the positive marketing hype around these companies, he can predict when the prices will shoot up and when you should look to exit. He does all that, AND remains passionate about teaching his tricks to the students as well. I found him transparently explaining his strategies, successes and failure very intriguing, which lead me to the question, what does Sykes really has to offer?

I decided to get down to the nitty-gritty myself to find out what exactly is he teaching, is it all a big scam or is he really worth it?

I started with two of his most basic subscription plans; Tim’s Alert and Pennystocking Silver Plan.

After an extensive analysis, I found The Penny Stocking Silver to be the smarter choice if you’re someone who is looking to do this for the first time. What it offers, is better value for money. With massive resources at your disposal like; Tim’s Alerts, regular updates and tutorials and access to a prebuilt video knowledge base, this plan can help you master the art of Penny Stock trading. This plan provides a treasure trove of information for traders. Tim has a collection of DVDs where he explains how he trades. Rules, patterns, strategies – three things he talks about the most in his lectures. It is essential you learn this stuff because no one stock or sector will always matter, stocks move fast. Study what creates hot stocks and hot sectors. The learning material is already taken care of by the Silver Plan, the question is how can you use THAT to your advantage?

Penny stock analysis investment

More… The Millionaire Challenge

The Millionaire Challenge is Tim’s crown jewel, It’s an all-inclusive pass to content like private webinars, the DVD courses access to the chatroom, basically everything that’s there in the Penny Stocking Silver package and more. This all rounded package may look attractive, but its no piece of cake. It’s exactly as named, a challenge. The course will help you understand how to become consistently profitable in what is usually considered a high-risk trading environment, but at the same time it is extreme hard work. Hours of learning material to go through, as well as it requires equally as much dedication to gaining experience to cut losses.

Now because it’s exclusive, it’s a no brainer that it comes with a premium price as well. The Millionaire Challenge is priced at around $ 6000; that’s a lot of money to be investing into a system right up-front.

So, after carefully assessing my options I started off with the Penny Stocking Silver package, my thoughts are that I will ease into this course earn my way into a position where the amount doesn’t feel like a huge dent to my bank account.

Conclusion – Is Timonthy Sykes a Scam?

To round off, Timothy Sykes is no scam artist; the heaps of praise, legit media attention and positivity around this guy, led me to believe that he’s the real deal. From my own experience, now that I am learning and applying his teaching there is definite potential there. But nothing in life is simple, just listening to him does not work, you have to apply his mantra, understand what he’s asking you to do – how you need to read the patterns, watch the stocks that matter etc.

If you are someone who can focus and apply your mind towards something that can help you build a solid financial base then, this is where you need to be!


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