Creating Virtual Spaces to Facilitate Customer Success

Customer success begins with the first touch someone has with your brand. Every interaction reinforces your messaging. Each contact highlights your product in a different way. These are the building blocks of the relationships you have with your audience.

Enabling customer success

Dedicated account and success managers are a fantastic way to ensure your customers receive the care they need, but they are relatively invasive—they involve scheduling and a lot of active work from both sides to translate objectives effectively between customers and providers.

You likely know that you need to reinforce customer success organically and meet your customers where they are. But what if, instead, you focus on placing them where you both need them to be?

Build resources to make your customers capable of self-reliance and independence in using your product; this will open the door for increased adoption and ongoing renewals. These are also some of the features to market most prominently for prospective customers.

Customer Success in The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain World

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is centered around decentralization and overturning the establishment. In parallel, perceptions surrounding market volatility and industry newness has created a public particularly hungry for reassurance. How do you create the space to address this and prevent resistance?

The answer is to create an environment that meets customer needs, although the exact ways in which can be achieved effectively will vary based on your customers, your company and product, and your niche.

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How to Enable Customer Success in Crypto: 3 Case Studies

Below are three examples of leading crypto businesses who have created virtual spaces for their customers to have their needs met.

1. Generate a detailed knowledge base

The Divi Project is really good at saying things that sound very attractive, like how its “one-click” solution is the first and “easiest” masternode of its kind, making it user-friendly and helping people get one step closer to their financial goals.

But making sure that everyone has the same user-friendly experience takes some serious legwork, particularly given the skepticism noted above. How do you ensure that your solution is—and remains—as clear, simple, and fast as you promised for everyone?

The Divi Project has assembled a page of resources, including its white paper, which stands out as a searchable repository of detailed information on the entire solution that everyone can understand no matter their background. While there are some details that would likely benefit a development professional more than a crypto newbie, the intuitive presentation and clear language emphasizes accessibility and open community.

One comment uttered by many people who were among the first to work in crypto is that there was not much reliable information out there to explain the technology, at least when they first started. As a result, some of these same people ended up waiting a few years—even until 2017—to get involved. Messaging on eliminating barriers are particularly well appreciated.

When they speak—be it at conferences or podcasts—the Divi team’s messaging always centers around “bring your questions to us.” Refining and honing this repository to be exactly where the public needs it to be is a central part of daily Divi life. And even if they don’t use it, knowing that this information and expertise is available automatically leaves customers more comfortable and loyal, because they know their needs will be taken care of and that transparency is a given.

2. Prioritize transparency and access with a portal

BitIRA created their My BitIRA customer portal in order to give customers 24-7 access to their retirement accounts and the ability to initiate transactions. This portal allows users to view real-time performance as well as monitor account changes over time, with the option to generate custom reports on the investing details most critical to them.

Data access and transparency are the core values being highlighted here, giving customers control over their accounts and investments. And yet, not every

This portal stemmed from requests by users. By focusing on the types of account details that kept coming up as priorities, BitIRA demonstrated how they value their customers. This portal was even rendered mobile-friendly for maximum portability.

Don’t just rely on lip service. Leverage every opportunity possible to demonstrate dedication and service to your customer base.

3. Build a community to live your mission

Their Donation Application (DApp) is not the first thing you notice about It’s the community they have built around the central mission of redefining giving and reincentivizing altruism. Giveth is open-source and community-led, with several different avenues of discourse sustained on an ongoing basis.

With this, company education and ongoing customer relations are also sustained—and with minimal overhead costs for Giveth, since it organically flows from the community they’ve built beyond just their employees. This community structure facilitates solutioning; and while customers can trust in the outcomes being somewhat peer-reviewed, the community inherently reinforces Giveth as masters of their own product—and mission.

And with businesses acknowledging more than ever the power of networking and connection, incorporating that into your community organically meets a wider range of customer needs—and renders you indispensable.

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At the end of the day, customers want to feel secure and valued by any businesses they choose to work with. Creating spaces for your customers to have their concerns addressed, questions answered, and in which they can professionally flourish is a fantastic way to organically address this.


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