7 Strategies to Boost Ecommerce Sales In 2020 and Beyond

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to expand their customer base. Though it could be a tedious task if not done correctly, with the right tool, I bet you it will work wonders. In truth, for you to boost sales on your e-commerce store, you do not need any fast and hard rules. Eventually, it all depends on the type of e-commerce store you operate and how you operate your store.

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Luckily, increasing sales is not impossible, here are some strategies that would help you boost your sales in 2020 and beyond

7 Strategies To Boost Ecommerce Sales In 2020

1. Build Your Brand Awareness

Building a brand name is of utmost importance to any business. This is because individuals -will purchase goods from brands that they know and trust. Building trust for a brand doesn’t just happen in a day, it takes effort, commitment and time. Here are the significant tips that would help build your brand name;

Improve the quality of your product because no one would visit your store; neither would your store be referred to any other customers if you happen to sell substandard products.

Sell what your product description says as this will help build trust for your brand.

2. Provide Excellent Customer Services

Yes, the sole aim of every entrepreneur is profit-making, but can an entrepreneur earn profit without customers? Customers are essential to every business because of no customers, no gain. It should be brought to light that many online stores focus on acquiring customers; meanwhile, returning customers are what make you more money.

E-commerce stores which efficiently resolve users’ complaints are more likely to have more customers patronizing their stores. Consequently, customers are more likely to convert when they chat with staff; this will bring about a feeling of satisfaction, this does not only increase sales or build a brand name, it also increase brand trust.

3. Use Shipping To Your Advantage

When orders are not received on time, customers might cancel their orders or post negative reviews about your e-commerce store. The importance of shipping in e-commerce cannot be overemphasized as it plays a crucial role in rating. After purchase, the next step is to get the products to your customers. It is advisable for e-commerce store owners to use shipping to their advantage.

Making sure your customers get their products when they ought to will make them come back to shop in your store. Also, it is considered one of the easiest ways to engage with customers after a purchase has been made. You can encourage shoppers to buy from your store by making free shipping available to your customers. Including free shipping will encourage shoppers to visit your store often and purchase more products because they know how rare it is to come across.

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4. Implement Creative Marketing Tactics

Increasing sales in e-commerce through creative marketing tactics will get your product into the mind of your shoppers. Some of these marketing strategies include the use of email marketing, social media marketing, videos that answers the questions of your customers, infographic, SEO, including reviews on product pages, using influencers, content marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, etc. So figure out a marketing strategy that would work for you and go for it.

5. Run Strategic Promotions

Often at times, the use of promotion increases sales. Using advertisements might seem easy, but if you have an e-commerce business, it would be advisable to use different types of promotions at different times of the year. Introducing promotional offers does not only increase sales; it encourages the lead generation and also increases traffic on your website.

These promotional offers could include product give away and samples, customer referral incentives, branded promotional gifts, social media promotion, after-sales customer survey, or limited time offer, etc. You would want to encourage your customers to continue to buy from your store because if you don’t, they will purchase in another store that offers promotions.

Your niche and the type of product you’re selling also need to put into consideration when choosing the type of marketing strategy to get the most results and ROI.

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6. Tap into UGC

Having someone visit your shop is not enough; what is essential is that they make a purchase. Some chances are more likely to encourage shoppers to buy from your shop, UGC is one of them. User-generated content, shorten for UGC, is any content that is created and published by customers.

UGC can be content of any type, such as testimonies from blogs, images, website page, and social media posts. User-generated content is unique because it will increase sales, as individuals will likely purchase after hearing someone certify your store. You can carry out UGC by encouraging your already existing customers to provide their content in exchange for incentives. This action will increase conversation, engagement, and trust.

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7. Meet Your Customers Where They Are

In 2019, about 2.77 billion people are using social media worldwide. Initially created for individuals to keep in touch, now, it is a means for businesses to increase customer base, market new and old products, and provide excellent customer service, etc. It would be right to say that social media is a channel to increase sales.

Social media is a vital tool in e-commerce as it helps ascertain web presence, increase traffic and assist in lead generation. Social media is a treasure trove because encompassing social media to increase sales in e-commerce is effective as it captivates the interest of a broad audience, so why not make good use of the opportunities it offers. Facebook is an excellent choice.

It is considered the largest social media platform with about 2.45 billion monthly active as of October 2019. It is perhaps one of the ideal approaches to drive visitors to your store, convert them into paying clients and eventually encourage them to purchase significantly more. According to Adweek, e-commerce profit from Facebook ads amounts to 152% on returns of investment.

Due to the scale of social media marketing strategy you need to deploy, automation is the way to go. Did you know that marketing automation can bring up to 180% ROI in less than a year? It’s a no brainer. Automate your process.


It should be known that increasing sales in e-commerce is a gradual process. The above-stated strategies are not the only strategies available for increasing sales in e-commerce; you could try other strategies. Remember, it doesn’t matter what approach you choose to use; what matters is that it provides the desired result. But in other to know what would work for you, you have to test, so hopefully, these strategies will indeed help you increase sales in your e-commerce store.


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