Competitive Analysis: 5 Ways to Get and Keep a Leg Up on the Competition

When you own a business, you’re always looking for new ways to get ahead of your competitors. Here are five excellent ways to get ahead and stay ahead.

Get ahead in business competition using competitive analysis

Know Your Customers And Your Competition

An important part of the business industry is knowing your customers, but it’s just as important to know your competition. Use to find more details on both of these groups. You can research your current customers and learn more about who they are and what they need. This will help you target other people who are similar to your current clientele. You should also learn more about your competition. With GoLookUp’s business database, you can find out your competition’s revenue, funding, and more. This will help you know what your competitor is doing that you’re not, as well as what you can do that your competitor isn’t.

Analyzing the market

Stay Organized

The best companies are the ones that have plans and see them through. Stay organized to stay ahead of your competition. Use product project management to organize your current projects and get each one done with your team. No matter what the project is (sales initiative, advertising campaign, etc.), you should have a concrete and feasible plan for how you will get it done. Stay on top of your projects and keep your entire operation organized as well. This might involve cleaning up your computer or organizing your paper files. It might not feel like you’re gaining on your competition, but by accomplishing these small tasks you’ll ensure the health of your business.

Stay organized

Train Your Employees

Customer service is extremely important to your company’s success and can make a huge difference in keeping you ahead of your competitors. How your employees interact with customers determines the likelihood of those customers continue to patronize your business. When you have excellent employees, your current clients come back and they tell their friends about your business. Ensure that your company has the best customer service by training your employees and prioritizing their growth. Hold a weekly team meeting and discuss current successes and shortcomings. Provide training on areas in which you see gaps in knowledge. With the right employees, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the others.

Competent store staff

Start a New Partnership

If you’re unsure where to go with your business, you may want to consider starting a new partnership. If you own a coffee shop, this could mean you start putting your coffee beans in the local supermarket. Maybe your baby clothing store can partner with the local parent support group to provide special events. Take a look at your current industry and see if there’s any local business owner or community organization with whom you could partner. A new partnership will give your business new sources of revenue and new advertising. Plus, it’s a great way to keep yourself interested in what’s going on with your company.

Start a partnership

Be Original

An easy way to beat your competitors is just to be different than they are. Consider what your business is already bringing to the industry. Is there something you could add that would make you stand apart? If you own a brewery, adding events that aren’t offered elsewhere, like yoga or trivia nights, could help you shine in comparison to the others. This could even be something as simple as highlighting local trivia on your social media accounts once a week. Try to think of something that will make your business stand out because being original and unique is a great and easy way to get a leg up on the competition.

Business meeting

See if there’s something you can do to bring a little extra life and soul to your business. Keep your standards high and create new opportunities for growth. Your company will reap the benefits.


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