5 Advantages of Getting a Forklift Ticket

A forklift is a powerful industrial machine. Without proper knowledge and training on how to operate it, a forklift can easily cause personal injuries and damage to property.

Forklift driver

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for an employment opportunity or a manager wanting to enhance your team’s skills, getting a forklift ticket offers distinct advantages. Here are just a few of those benefits.

Decreased Risk of Injuries

Accidents are part and parcel of almost any job. Even desk workers can be at risk of getting injured; what more if you’re working with machines like a forklift? By getting a forklift ticket, you’ll be trained not just how to operate a forklift properly, but also, you’ll receive instruction on how to identify hazards, how to safely move loads, and even the proper way of shutting down and securing the forklift. This way, you’ll be able to avoid some of the most common accidents involving forklifts, like getting pinned or struck by the machine.

Another part of forklift training involves getting updated on the current legislation and requirements surrounding forklift manufacturing and operations. As such, you’ll have both theoretical and practical knowledge that will help significantly decrease the risk of accidents and injuries.

Increased Productivity

When you know how to properly operate a forklift (or any machine, for that matter), your productivity immediately increases, as there’s no need to ask for instructions on how to use it. Moreover, as a more knowledgeable, skilled worker, you’ll tend to work faster with fewer mistakes. Finally, as mentioned earlier, proper forklift training results in a lower risk for accidents and property damage.

With less downtime, both people and machines can produce more and better output.

Increased Work Confidence

In relation to increased productivity, workers who have acquired their forklift ticket also tend to be more certain about their skills. This increased confidence can lead to a higher quality of work, with minimal supervision needed. This not only increases the productivity of the workers but also of their managers.

Reduced Losses

A trained and licenced forklift operator can transport any and all kinds of goods using the forklift in the most efficient way possible. This results in decreased inventory loss, and therefore cost savings for the business owner.

Another advantage of getting a licence to operate a forklift is that you’ll know the nuances of operating it compared to other types of heavy machinery. With the correct training, you can drive the forklift and operate it at safe speeds, be aware of what to do when approaching a blind spot, and you can back up with more confidence. All of these simply means that you’ll be more effective at using the forklift.

Minimised errors mean time savings since you’ll be spending your time working and not rectifying mistakes.

Decreased Risk of Machine Damage

Unskilled operators can cause not only grievous injuries to other individuals, but they can also cause damage to the forklift itself. This is not ideal, as a forklift costs thousands of dollars, and repair costs can quickly add to that price. And if the damage happens during a critical period in a facility’s operations such that urgent repairs are needed, the business’s losses can double or even triple!


If the business has properly trained and licenced operators, it can be sure that the forklifts will be used correctly and safely. In turn, the machines will be in good working order for most if not all of the time. Should something go wrong, trained forklift operators will also have basic knowledge in troubleshooting and maintenance.

Proper work training is necessary for every industry. This is even more important in industries and workplaces that deal with machines like forklifts. If you’re in a field that involves using forklifts, consider getting a forklift ticket if you haven’t yet. It will be well worth your time and money.


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