Simple Ways To Reward Your Employees

One of the most powerful tools to use for employee motivation is rewards. According to the Havard Business Review when you reward top performers in your company effectively, this ensures that you keep employees and make certain they’re happy working for you.

Recognizing employee using award

Rewarding employees does not have to include grand, expensive gestures. Simple, creative, and well-thought-of rewards are great and will go a long way in making sure that your employee feels special, appreciated, and valued.

One of the most common ways of rewarding top performance in the corporate world is by giving Awards Plaques. This is a sure-fire way of igniting feelings of appreciation in the beneficiary and ensuring the person being awarded has a physical representation of the hard work and sacrifice they put in to deliver the best.

Furthermore, awards plaques will push other employees who didn’t get a chance for recognition to do better, in order to be recognized.

Here are simple ways to reward your employees and utilize awards plaques as a physical symbol of appreciation.

1. Personal Recognition From the CEO

Being recognized by someone at the top of your company hierarchy can be satisfying and thrilling. When team leaders set aside time to recognize the great work that employees are doing for the company, this will let team members know that leaders are rooting for them and their work. Why not engage your creative team to design a “CEO awards plaque” for your employee of the year?

2. Relevant training and Courses

On the job training is a great way to keep your employees constantly refreshed, inspired, and looking forward to their daily duties. Plan for once-a-month training for your employees. If your budget is tight, why not book webinars or conference videos for your employees to watch?

At the end of the course, issue an awards plaque to the employee who performed best.

3. Sponsor A Work Team To A Sporting Competition

When a company appreciates the special interests or hobbies of a person, this becomes very meaningful to the employee. The gesture ensures your employees keep their passions burning, and at the same time, they use their passion to represent your company. gives great advice on how to get your team a sponsor.

At the end of the competition, design an awards plaque and recognize your team for their efforts in representing your company in a sporting event.

4. Project Recognition

If members of a team succeed in implementing a particular project that was hard and frustrating, motivate them by rewarding their efforts. Hardworking employees deserve a pat on the back.

If they’ve managed to complete and implement a particularly complex project, reward them with an awards plaque that can be displayed in their part of the office.

5. Public Recognition

This is a great way of acknowledging what your employees do for your organization. You want everyone to see know how much you value and respect your employees’ contribution.

Whether you simply want to honor an employee who stuck it through the years, or you just want to say, “thank you”, to the IT department for their efforts in thwarting data breaches, public recognition says, “my employer values me.” Present them with an awards plaque to go with the recognition.

6. Design a wall of fame

Let it stay up permanently, and add names of employees who are doing exceptionally in service to the organization. Post great things about your employees and beautify their space on your wall of fame with a miniature awards plaque.

All your clientele, service providers, and associates will be able to see what a great team you’re working with and this will increase your client’s confidence in the products and services you offer.

7. Create a Casual Dress Code Day

If your work environment or office allows, have your employees dress down on Fridays. One way to get creative on Fridays is to have themes after the long week. For example, you could have an ‘80’s dress down theme, movies inspired theme or even beach themed Friday. As long as your employees are decent, dress codes can be fun and will also help to loosen up tensions that have been piling up throughout the week.

To give dress down Friday more meaning, reward the employee who comes in with the most creative outfit by presenting them with a simple awards plaque and celebrate right on schedule for the weekend.


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