7 Awesome SEO Benefits for Your Small Business

Think your business is too small to benefit from SEO? Think again.

If you think SEO is only for large companies, we’re happy to finally put that myth to rest. Absolutely every business, no matter how small, can and should reap the benefits of SEO.

SEO benefits

You don’t believe us? Of course you don’t! And we didn’t expect you too—not yet, anyway.

That’s why we wrote you this list of all the wonderful ways SEO can help your small business. Read on and check out these SEO benefits for yourself.

1. Happier Customers

One of the most important requirements for SEO is providing a superior user experience (UX). A website ranks higher when it is well-organized, easy to navigate, fast-loading, relevant, helpful, etc.

Search engines want users to be satisfied with the results they click. This depends not only on content relevance but also on the usability of the site.

Google crawls your site looking for things like responsiveness, internal links that are straightforward and not confusing, and meta tags that match the page content. Such things show search engines that the site offers a user-friendly experience.

So how does this benefit you? In addition to a higher page rank, a helpful, UX-centric website makes your site visitors happy. Your website will please both your existing customers and those who are discovering your brand for the first time.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Speaking of customers learning of your brand through your website, SEO is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and reach new customers. Your website makes your brand accessible to the entire world. And yet, very little of the world will see your website if it doesn’t rank high in search engines.

By improving your SEO, you’ll display your brand before thousands of internet users who have never heard of it, and never would hear of it any other way.

There’s a giant audience out there you’ve never tapped into before, just waiting to discover your brand. All you have to do is to put your website where they’re looking by improving your SEO.

3. Surpass Your Competition

Furthermore, expanding your reach doesn’t have to mean that you reach every country in the world. For most small businesses, getting seen by internet users on the other side of the world doesn’t matter anyway.

What’s important to these businesses is gaining more exposure within their own community. SEO helps with this, too.

By employing locally-targeted SEO techniques, you can become the top-ranking business in relevant, local searches. This is arguably the most important SEO benefit there is for your small business.

According to recent statistics, 78% of local searches made from mobile devices convert to offline purchases. And 56% of your competitors haven’t even filled out their Google My Business listings. Improving your local SEO is an amazingly efficient way to get ahead of your local competition.

4. Increase Your Customer Base

We just touched on another important point. Good SEO leads to more conversions.

This is especially true if you have an online store. Customers from anywhere in the world can discover your brand through an online search and convert right from your website the same day.

Besides this, an optimized site provides a good user experience, increasing the user’s opinion of your brand. This makes them more likely to convert, whether online or offline.

Hiring a SEO specialist

5. It’s Cheap

Another great advantage of SEO is how affordable it is compared to other marketing campaigns. You could even improve your SEO yourself for free. All it would cost is your time.

Or you can delegate it to your in-house team.

But for the best and fastest improvement of your SEO, it pays to hire an SEO professional. We mean that literally: outsourcing to a successful SEO company provides a very high ROI.

Getting expert SEO help means getting more traffic, more conversions, and, therefore, more money very soon after. From there, you can continue this growth yourself easily and inexpensively enough. Mostly, you’ll need to provide a steady stream of quality content to keep the SEO ball rolling.

But you can also find monthly plans for professional SEO maintenance at very affordable rates. Semrush.com, for example, offers the best backlink checker on the net plus a myriad of other SEO tools starting at $99/month.

In any case, whatever money you invest to earn a top-ranking website will quickly pay for itself many times over.

6. Become More Connected With Customers

Not only will improving your SEO give you more customers but it can also increase existing customers’ purchasing activity. Your website is a great way to interact with and stay connected with your customer base.

You can use your website to provide exclusive deals or news of promotions and special events. You can also invite visitors to join your email list or download your app.

Improving your SEO increases the number of people who see/engage with this marketing channel. This means more customers are more deeply connected with you.

These customers are more likely to respond to your promotions, deals, news, advice—anything you post on your site. Ultimately this results in more purchases.

7. Conduct Business In Your Sleep

Another reason you want more web traffic is that your website can help your customers like no other aspect of your business can. Unlike the other areas of your business, your website can be fully automated to conduct business while you sleep!

Setting up a chatbot on your website provides customers with 24/7 support (that costs you nothing). You can also outsource to a live chat service fairly inexpensively.

And, except for shipping, purchases from your online store require no human interaction from your company. Thus, the more customers you help online, the less time and money you have to spend dealing with customers through your human employees.

That’s where SEO comes in handy. When you improve your SEO, you attract more of this low-cost business.

Local business SEO

SEO Benefits Every Business

No business should have to miss out on these SEO benefits. Make sure yours doesn’t either. Invest in SEO like this SEO Auckland company ASAP to better your business.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.


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