Top 7 Web Design Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2020

If there’s one thing you always here in the web design industry, it’s always, “What’s next?” As a new year begins, there will be even newer trends you’ll need to follow to stay relevant. Yes, even this 2020, you’ll need to monitor what’s to come and what viewers want to see!

Web design trends

Granted, the trends this 2020 may not be as different or the newest, but they have evolved. They are now even more redefined in ways no web designer should ignore. So check out these seven web design trends you need to know about this year.

Seven Web Design Trends to Watch Out For

There are so many web design trends out now, but not all of them are exactly the best. You need to watch out for the most attractive and what will truly catch viewers’ eyes. With that said, here are seven cool web design ideas to look into:

1. Artificial Intelligence

For those who don’t know it yet, this is the year that many will wake up to the power of AI. We can see this taking part in worldwide business and industry in the near future, already replacing people of simple jobs!

Analysts have predicted that by the year 2020, artificial technologies will be pervasive in most new software services and products. This is because AI has the ability to analyze search patterns and consumer behavior, using the data collected for businesses to understand their customers, driving more sales.

The experts at  recommended that today is the time to start implementing chatbots, product recommendations, email personalization, basic communication, e-commerce transactions, among others! These help the business know what their customers want and need, while also making it easier for consumers to create a purchase of your site. Considering all of this, consider getting started with AI to get a better idea of it implementation and uses in business.

2. Chatbots

As mentioned, chatbots are a part of AI, which we can see trending this year. In fact, chatbots will be a crucial part of digital marketing, with the AI-based technology instantly messaging any potential consumer any time of any day.

Survey and research show the following:

  • Chatbots may power up to 85% of customer services by this year. 80% of businesses already want chatbots on their site this year!
  • The benefits of chatbots are instant responding, answering simple questions, and 24/7 services
  • 63% of the respondents surveyed day they prefer communicating with online chatbots when it comes to brands and businesses
  • By the year 2022, online chatbots can save businesses up to $8 billion yearly

This is why chatbots in web design can benefit both consumers and businesses.


3. Personalization

If you want your business to stand out this year, then you’ll need to personalize the way you design your website. It’s time that you implement personalized content and products that you know viewers will like based on their history.

For example, Starbucks created a mobile app which utilizes data like locations and purchases histories to get personal with their consumers. It allows them to customize drinks and has a rewards system.

Cadbury’s also had a video campaign on their website which matched their products flavors based on data collected from the user’s social media profile, which generated better conversion and click-through rates!

4. Video Marketing

Putting in more video content in your web design is one thing, but making it suitable for marketing is what will make it effective. Incorporating videos and other visual content to your web design is a must this year, and in the next years to come, with these numbers proving it:

  • 72% of companies report that videos have improved conversion rates
  • 52% of consumers report how watching videos make them feel confident in what they purchase online

Video and visual content is how customer will want to learn about what the site can offer. That’s why animated GIFs, videos, among other more visually-pleasing designs will be significant now.

Website loading speed

5. Load Speed

Everyone involved in web application and designs are now obsessed in improving load speed! After all, a quicker loading website leads to happier viewers who are most likely to stay in it. Studies show that up to 50% of web surfers want websites to load completely in about two seconds or they’ll leave.

It’s time to start looking into what you can do to make your website faster in terms of web design, from compressing images to making it load faster for any device.

6. Social Messaging Apps

Besides chatbots, social messaging apps will be trending this year. It isn’t just a platform to chat with people you know personally, but where you can connect with your consumers as well. With over a billion active users on Messenger alone, you can see how crucial it is to add an option to message your social media accounts on your web design.

With social messaging apps and options to chat on your website, it can help communicate with consumers more efficiently, delivering information and boosting your sales.

7. White Space and Smart Minimalism

White space will be one of the top web design trends of 2020, as people want more minimalism. With white space, it can make the main content stand out in just about any screen size, providing consumers with the vital information immediately.

Besides this, we’ll start to see minimalism rising again. It isn’t just about using white space in the usual, boring way, but designers will start experimenting with their work. Expect to see mixes of icons, images, and other menus combined with subtle animations and attractive CSS effects, all the while keeping core values of the original flat design.

Working on a consistent web design

Wrapping It Up

Having a successful website isn’t just about hiring an efficient Sydney SEO Services and letting content do the work. You also have to ensure that your design is attractive and efficient for viewers to stay interested in. By keeping up and implementing the right trends, your site and brand stay relevant, boosting your rates in the long run.

Hopefully, these seven web design trends gave you an idea of what to implement this 2020. So don’t wait any longer and start looking into using any of these ideas for your site now.

If you want to ask questions or share your own trending web design ideas, share it in the comment section below! All your thoughts are much appreciated.


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