Benefits of UFAD Systems for Commercial HVAC

The underfloor air distribution system, an Avant –grade, advanced and innovative approach growing massively amongst commercial architects and mechanical engineers. AIRFIXTURE UFAD SYSTEM incorporates alluring HVAC, which is comforting and pleasing in your beautiful architectural arena.

UFAD system offers comfort in office space

Why UFAD System?

It is important to know the HVAC technologies of a building to understand the impact of those for the office space.  UFAD or Underfloor Air Distribution is one of such technology. It’s used for comfort conditioning office spaces, along with other beautiful architectural replicas.

How does the UFAD system benefit you?

Better Air Distribution

UFAD system grants free-flowing air distribution routes, air distribution plenum, is underfloor. The system is based on low air pressure and thus consumes less energy also less emitting noise for transport. The air is made in contact with the environment in the occupied zone near the floor level.

Better Space Conditioning

UFAD system increases the supply air temperature, which helps in conditioning space. The system also allows thermal control by the occupants. Providing a high level of comfort is the main priority and job of the UFAD system and by incorporating processes like stratification adequately controls energy, thus reducing it with a high level of comfort. It helps reducing sensible thermal loads and also access plans that help flexibility and reconfigurability. It is cost-effective and saves energy which is a boon to have in this advance world.

Traditional systems are no longer in use now it’s all about the fast, comfortable, beautiful UFAD with  AIRFIXTURE UFAD SYSTEM. This has all the qualities of improved occupant comfort, better productivity, and health.

Better Ventilation

The Airfixture UFAD system comes along with a better ventilation efficiency with a more improved and high indoor air quality. It reduces the cost of building the life cycle with great flexibility of creating services and also leads to a reduction of floor size in new buildings.

Consume Less Energy

It comes with a great energy-saving mode in comparison with the traditional system. The UFAD system saves 30-40% of the energy in comparison to traditional technologies. It allows a reduction in fan size, and thus the consumption of electricity becomes less.

Better Temperature Control

A visible pleasure felt to have a UFAD system is the long hours of free cooling time until the temperature reaches to 17 -18 degrees. It supplies air temperature higher in conditioning and lowers when heating. It also controls the concentration of major or minor temperatures in the areas of consecutively greatest dispersion of the building.

Lower Energy Costs

The most sustainable, comfortable and cost-effective HVAC is a UFAD system. UFAD lowers energy costs, and it requires less energy to deliver the same amount of conditioned air concerning overhead systems, resulting in lower energy costs for the life of the building.

Since UFAD delivers airflow from the floor, thereby the air does reach the right areas of requirement. The ability to attain the power of ventilation system doe enables low power consumption.UFAD lowers construction costs along with the cost of design.


When the building is in-construction, if the UFAD system is installed at that time, then the initial construction cost is reduced. It also lowers building operation costs. Thus having a UFAD system is beneficial as well as profitable.


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