How to Start a Commercial Mold Removal Company

There are a lot of natural disasters like floods occurring in the current generation, which is why the restoration and remediation industry is growing at a very rapid pace. While starting your own business in a field like mold remediation comes with a lot of challenges, it also comes with an array of benefits like the fact that it remains untouched during times of recession.

Mold removal business

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To start a mold remediation company, there are a few steps you have to follow:

1. Franchise or Freelancing

If you start from scratch and decide to freelance, you have a lower level of financial investment, but this shows up in profits-they come in much slower since you are a new company with a lot of ground to cover. There is no authority figure, so you have to teach yourself everything from the very basics, which is only one of the many hurdles you have to face.

Advantages to owning your own business are that you have complete creative control as well as a majority share in the profits- this company will grow the way you want it to grow.

A franchise, on the other hand, will add a team to your process- you can call them any time when you have questions, you’ll have policies for the customers ready, and the brand name will already be known, so you might not have to market as much. And since the business has been around for a while, the customers know you’re a reliable company which will make them prefer you.

2. Location

It seems more profitable to pick a location with a high occurrence of floods or other areas with water damage. Do your research and figure out the prime location in which to establish your company and its home office.

3. Certification

Mold remediation requires specific licensing to conduct your business. If you don’t have a license for your business, then chances are, you won’t be able to conduct a profitable business. Mold remediation and inspection certificate should be your first achievement since it will give you the legal criteria required to start your business- you’re more likely to get clients if they are assured that your company is legit.

4. Equipment

Equipment is easily going to be one of your major expenses. It is important for you to have commercial grade equipment that will last you a while since it’s a huge investment, after all. This might cost you more initially, but you won’t be consistently replacing equipment, and that means that it has more return value for your investment.

A good tip is to buy other feasible supplies like masks and gloves in bulk so that you can store them for use- this way, you never run out, and you can save money. Check for discounts as well as loyalty points; you’re more likely to save the most if you stick to one company than buying small quantities from different companies each time.

5. Marketing

As an up and coming company, your publicity, as well as marketing, needs to be on top of its game. You have to publicise your company to achieve maximum exposure- the more people who know about a mold remediation company area in their locality, the better. Social media is a vital part of your business, which is why you should hire a marketing executive to take the load off of your shoulders and help you focus on more important tasks like running the company.


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