How to Detect, Contain, and Eliminate Quality Problems Before Delivery to The Customer?

For the firms or companies engaged in the retail or wholesale business, there are so many essential factors which demand utmost attention for overall smooth business proceedings. These include manufacturing, transportation, shipping, etc. But one of the essential parts of these proceedings is the methodology of quality control.

Quality Control

Quality control for a firm may be described as the process which constitutes logistic management by a group of techniques or activities which specifically work on identifying, analyzing, and assessing the quality of the products at different stages of the production process, carried before the final shipping of the goods.

Although many business firms often overlook or haphazardly carry this essential process, its importance is to be understood for an overall customer satisfaction cycle, which is critical in the long run. This is because quality control is essential for the smooth business proceedings and the overall reputation of the company.

Ignorance or negligence in this concern often results in damaged products, product returns by the customers, and thus, customer dissatisfaction. This customer dissatisfaction results in decreasing the chances of a revisit by the customers and, obviously, the losses to be bear by the company.

Thus, the importance of quality control can not be ignored in the long run of the company.

5-Step Quality Control Process

This process can be carried at various stages and may include the following steps:

1. Inspection by the external quality inspector(s)

This type of quality inspection services is the most common one in practice. In this method, a professional inspector visits factory, inspects some samples selected randomly, and thus assess and conclude the quality of the whole batch.

2. Inspection upon receipt

In this, the inspection process is carried out of the raw materials and other parts of the production or fully finished products.

3. Inspection in – process

In this method, the inspection is carried at intervals during the process of production.

4. Inspection carried post-production

It can be counted as the final inspection in the production cycle. This is carried after the production, this is counted as the last testing stage. In this, a 100% finished or complete product is inspected.

5. Inspection carried before shipping

In this kind of inspection process, the product ready for the shipping, based on the customer orders are inspected. Thus, the final shipping of the product will not be done until the final clearance of the product in quality check by the inspection process.

Thus, the process of quality control can be carried in the above steps and methods by manual and software help. Nowadays, the software system is mostly used. In this way, the damaged or under quality products are easily detected are then to be eliminated before the final shipping process. These discarded goods can then be worked upon to get refined and regained quality standards.

In this regard, firms can surely go for the professional help from the expertise in this field like QualityOne in providing the services of quality management and training of the company workers regarding the right and effective ways of detection and elimination of quality-related issues.


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