How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic for B2B Companies

The digital space has experienced exciting transformations in the recent past. If you’ve been managing your social media profiles for some time, it’s likely you’ve witnessed how they’ve evolved over the last couple of years.

Driving traffic from social media

Some of the best examples of these transformations are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

These social media platforms changed slowly to become places of networking, reading news, and sharing life experiences. As a business owner, you can only ignore the power of social media at your own risk. With more than 2 billion active social media users, it remains an excellent place to get leads, connections, website traffic, and resources.

If you’re working with a digital marketing agency that thinks social media marketing is not right for B2B companies, you should consider hiring a better partner.

B2B buyers are constantly researching services and products online, including social media. Social media is a useful tool in the B2B setup. In this post, you’ll learn how to harness the incredible power of social media to get more traffic.

Let’s get started:

How Should B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy Be?

B2B social media strategy is similar to that of B2C, only that the tactics is slightly different. In both strategies, you need to have a clear picture of your target audience and where they are in the buying cycle. Remember the goal is to drive traffic to your website.

Don’t opt the blackhat strategies. the tools like Instaswift uses black hat techniques. To better understand the B2B social media marketing, let’s look at the following strategies and tactics:

1. Find Out Where Your Audience Hangs Out

Knowing your buyer personas will go a long way in helping you identify which social media platforms your customers spend most of their time on.

For example, which platform do safety managers use when they are researching something? Or how do they find industry news?

The most popular B2B platforms are different from those for B2C. B2Bs give more attention to LinkedIn and Twitter as opposed to Facebook.

Here’s why. The new algorithm for Facebook does not work well for company pages. Updates from a company page are shown to a smaller audience and at a lesser frequency

2. Don’t Ignore Personalization

One of the mistakes that most B2B marketers make is failing to personalize their content. They are always making their content tight and formal.

To have a more personal effect on your audience, be sure to personalize your content. You can use different content when targeting various segments of your audience. For instance, by the persona, individual or by their position in the buyer’s journey.

3. Use Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile has become an essential part of doing online business. Mobile devices play a key role in B2B buyers’ work.

The best way to reach a larger audience via mobile is through social media. The best thing is that most social media platforms are mobile-friendly by default.

Regardless of the type of accounts you create, ensure that your website and images’ previews display on mobile devices. Using mobile-friendly content goes a long way in giving mobile users a great experience once they click your website.

Using social media for growing business

4. Hire the Right Social Media Managers

B2B businesses often fail at the social media game because they fail to hire the right people to handle social media campaigns. Instead of hiring a reputable social media manager, most B2B setups hire a person experienced in the B2B niche.

While familiarity with the B2B niche is good, it is not what is required to run a successful social media account.

You need a social media wiz who can create witty and clever content that can grab the attention of the audience regardless of what products you’re selling. Someone with in-depth knowledge about social media trends and terminologies can help unleash the unseen potential of the B2B industry.

5. Don’t Ignore Content Marketing

For you to have a successful social media campaign, it is important to back it up with content marketing.

While most B2Bs are already doing content marketing, not all of them are doing it the right way. By doing better in content marketing, chances are you’ll be better on social media.

To get better results, create the most engaging form of content and share it on your social media accounts.

6. Monitor All Your Social Media Platforms

Be sure to answer all questions about your business on all social media platforms. Also, pay attention to the mentions of your brand. It is easy to convert people who already know about your product. By answering their questions, you can influence their decision and convert them to customers.


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