Clever Space Saving Solutions for Small Offices

Having a clean and comfortable office space with an efficient workplace design is very important for any business. It can provide a positive first impression for potential clients and encourage productivity and professionalism to anyone who occupies the space. But most of the time, maintaining an ample office space can be very expensive.

Compact office space

According to reports, the average office rental space in New York begins at $85.20 per square foot. At the same time, those in San Francisco need to pay an average of $92.70 per square foot monthly. To save up some space, your company needs to use compact commercial office furniture. It can help you reduce your rental budget by limiting the unnecessary use of square footage in your work area.

Here are some of the most preferred space-saving furniture ideas that you can do for your office.

All-in-one Office Furniture

Whether you work from home or have limited office space, you can benefit from an ingenious product that contains all the necessary parts of a working office in one equipment. You can find transforming commercial office furniture looks like a regular filing cabinet. But it can turn into a small desk and storage drawers with a chair when folded out.

It is a perfect solution for those who need a temporary desk for visiting clients or when training a potential new employee.

Desks With Storage Space

If you have an expanding company, you may need to free up some space to allocate some areas for the growing team. You can use a space-saving furniture solution to welcome newbies and give them a desk without reducing the storage area for essential documents. For this purpose, you need to acquire office desks with built-in storage spaces. You can have it fitted against the office wall to maximize its space-saving potential.

Expandable Chairs

Some companies waste significant square footage with large benches or couches meant for occasional guests. Most of the time, these areas are usually unused. To avoid wasting space, you can purchase expanding chairs that you can transform when needed. You may use it when a client or a guest decides to drop by the office. When not in use, you can stock it properly so you can allocate the extra space for other purposes.

Modular Shelves

If your company has a lot of books and documents lying around, use a modular storage system to keep them neatly stacked. This storage system takes up lesser space than your typical bulky bookshelves. They also look more stylish and decorative. You may even arrange your modular shelves in the shape of your company logo to serve as a conversation piece inside your work area.

Mobile Monitor

If you want to save up desk space, you can install adjustable arms in the office desks where you can place your laptops or computer monitors. It can help you clean up your desk easily in case you need more work surface. It is also an ideal solution for those who work on co-working spaces since you can quickly move all your necessary gadgets as required.

These are some of the best space-saving solutions for offices with limited floor areas. It can help you and your staff to move freely inside your office space. Just pick all the appropriate furniture to help you save more spaces inside your office.


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