Node.Js: Pros And Cons Of Choosing Js Developers For Your Business

What is Node JS?

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Branching out from the traditional frontend tool that is Javascript, Node.js is a runtime environment used to adopt and implement Javascript in server-side programming. Node.js is an open-source project that enables developers, Node JS developers for hire, to utilize Javascript tools and functionalities for both frontend and server-side processes and development. Node JS for frontend developers helps ensure seamless connection and processing in the server-side end of the development.

NodeJS and NodeJS developers have increased over the years and have shown to be a strong development tool for modern software solutions.

Why Choose Node JS Developers for Hire?

Performance, responsiveness, and user experience are only some of the criteria used to evaluate and measure the market performance and adoption of products, tools, and digital platforms. Node JS developers are equipped to address this increasing demand for quality with the development tools and environment enabling a seamless connection between responsive frontend user experience and efficient backend processing.

So, should you hire Dedicated Node JS Developers?

There are exhaustive and in-depth Node JS developers guides citing – in detail – why you should hire Node JS developers. There are some major advantages when you hire dedicated Node JS developers for your business development needs are:

1. A robust and full-stack development team.

Employing the services of the NodeJS development team ensures that you are hiring a full-stack development team. This means that you no longer need to hire separately for server-side tools and front-end development. Expert NodeJS developers are highly-skilled and versatile full-stack developers, skilled and versatile enough to work on either or both front-end and back-end development.

2. Low-cost development environment and tools.

Hiring Node JS developers save you cost on hiring more developers with specialized skills. You will also save much on the development tools needed for your project, as the majority of Node JS development tools and associated libraries are free and open source. Most notable is npm – node.js package manager – serves as a marketplace to thousands of open-source Javascript libraries that can seamlessly be used with Node.js. Such a rich environment can be costly in another development environment but is free and easily accessible to Node.js developers.

3. Efficient development turnaround time.

Because of the full-stack nature of Node JS development, development turnaround is faster and more streamlined. Full-stack development ensures that Node JS developers are skilled and well-versed in moving from frontend development to server-side development, as well as developing tools and functionalities that are reusable in either end. They are more than enough skilled in more developing modular, reusable, and efficient tools that make development turnaround shorter and more efficient.

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4. High-quality product performance.

Node.js, as a development tool, is fast. Performance and benchmarking marking tests comparing Node.js to similar tools like GO, Java, and PHP have proven this. Node.js is equipped with tools that process data and information at an impressive speed. Its V8 engine, handling of non-blocking I/O and asynchronous requests, and event-based model lends Node.js its efficiency and speed in processing large volumes of user input, data, and information. Numerous companies have switched to using Node.js due to the improved response time it can affect.

5. Scalable and reusable products and microservices.

Not only are NodeJS developers capable of using reusable and modular tools and functionalities in development, but Node JS development can be utilized to build similarly reusable and scalable products and tools. Monolithic tools and software are difficult and expensive to adjust to and maintain in the long run, which is why companies are now moving towards more scalable and modular microservices to meet their software needs. Node.js developers and Node.js dedicated development teams and highly-capable and equipped to build such scalable and modular tools. Node.js itself is a lightweight tool with the needed libraries to build such tools. Microservice technologies employing Node.js such as Docker and Kubernetes have experienced an increase in usage over the year.

6. Productive and effective team dynamics.

Because of the rich and open source development environment, full-stack Node.js development teams can work efficiently to build and complete projects and products effectively. Given such an empowering development environment and rich development tools, Node.js developers are more than capable of engendering a productive highly-effective team dynamic that translated to short development sprints, fast product turnarounds, and a more agile team capable of adjusting to changes in project parameters.

However, no tool is perfect. There are certain drawbacks that Node.js developers encounter. Because of its capacity to process large volumes of information but is limited to the single-thread aspect of Javascript, Node.js developers can potentially encounter application performance bottlenecks in handling processor-heavy tasks or information. This can impact the performance of the tools that they are developing and requires highly-skilled Node.js development teams to address.

Another consideration is the competitive Node JS developers market. Not all Javascript developers are skilled Node.js developers. It takes skills and knowledge in both server-side development and frontend development to have a clear grasp of what it takes to be Node.js developer. As Node.js proves itself to be an effective development tool, the demand for highly-skilled Node.js developers for hire also increases. Thus, despite the numerous Javascript developers available in the market, there may only be a small portion of these that are expert Node.js developers for hire or NodeJS dedicated development teams available for your project needs.

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What to Consider in Node JS Developers for Hire


Like in any other profession, skills matter. Node JS developers for hire need to at least have the following skills:

  • High-level skills in Javascript programming is a must, for both frontend development and server-side development.
  • Highly-level knowledge and skills in the NodeJS development environment and libraries are necessary.
  • Working knowledge in other Javascript development tools, for both frontend and server-side programming, is a great advantage.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of process optimization and modular programming is an advantage.


The cost when you hire dedicate Node JS developers vary due to several factors, most prominently is location and experience. A Node.js developer for hire in the United States can cost an average of USD 78,047 annually, while a Node.js developer from Ukraine can cost around ?41,271 (USD 1,690) on average. Node.js developers in Singapore cost S$60,820 ($43,550 USD), in France €39,315 ($42,700 USD), and in Australia AU$80,450 ($53,200 USD), on average. This can also vary from city to city; Node.js developers in San Francisco California cost $114,803, $91,500 in Seattle, USD 86,747 in New York, and $100,000 in Chicago.

Experience also heavily affects the cost of a Node.js developer for hire. A Junior NodeJS developer in the United States can cost USD 64,696, while in comparison, a Senior NodeJS developer with 10-19 years of experience can cost an average of USD 100,649.

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You Can Never Go Wrong With Expert Node JS Developers!

Employing NodeJS developers for hire is definitely a great step toward creating the best possible online platform for your business. These expert Node.js developers for hire have the skills and experience capable of translating your needs to reality.


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