So You Want to Get Into the Used Car Business? 5 Tips for Pricing and Advertising

Starting a used car dealership is a great step for aspiring entrepreneurs in the United States. The business is booming and buying used has never been a better choice for many drivers. Even if you’ve got some experience in the industry, it’s important to know some tips for how to best price your cars, increase your inflow, and also what marketing strategy you can use to attract customers.

Used car dealer

Use an Auto Auction

Finding a good deal may sound self-explanatory and, for some people, it will be as simple as buying used vehicles off of their friends and family to get started. However, a great idea is to bid on auction cars for sale at an auto auction. By purchasing at an auction, you could even snag a Porsche well below market value (though Porsche demand is high).

It never hurts to find an auction house that offers some form of buyer warranty, too. Car auctions are great for all sorts of vehicles, from motorcycles to SUVs. Companies like Auto Auction Mall are a great start.

Your Online Presence Matters

If you’re not familiar with digital marketing, it’s going to be a major component of your advertising strategy. Every small business needs to find a way to get a foothold. Sadly, not every small business does.

When you’re juggling entrepreneurship with PPC, SEO, social media, web design, and content marketing, it can all get a little overwhelming. If you’re struggling to develop a digital strategy for your brand awareness, you might want to contact a digital marketing agency. Depending on where you live, it could be as simple as Googling something like “digital marketing Denver.” The cars themselves will factor into your marketing strategy and brand strategy as well. If you’re selling a Lexus or Porsche, your website will look a lot different than if you’re selling a Volvo or a van.

Set Prices Aggressively, But Fairly

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a Ferrari, a BMW, or a used Toyota; You need to know how to price yourself for success. Look up your competition and try to price similarly, if not slightly under. This is where many startups struggle. It’s hard to toe the line between turning a profit and attracting customers. Sure, if you’re selling a Honda or a Nissan, you’re not going to rake in the cash like you might with a Ferrari, but the Ferrari probably has a smaller customer base so keep that in mind when setting your pricing.

Digital Marketing Strategy Basics

If someone asked you to describe your digital marketing strategy or your brand strategy, what would you say? Are you going to focus on content marketing? What about search engine optimization? You heard that SEO blogging doesn’t even work anymore. This is why, even if you’re partnering with a digital marketing agency, you need to know the basics. A digital marketing agency can handle the basics, but you need to steer the ship.

By having a fundamental understanding of your email marketing, website design, user experience, UI, PPC, SEO, content marketing, blogs, and more, you’ll be able to have productive conversations with your digital marketing agency that can lead to measurable results. By familiarizing yourself with online marketing strategy like PPC, SEO, and light website design, you can also be more informed as to which business services and digital marketing services are most worth the investment.

Factor in Features

When you’re pricing a vehicle, the features matter. Does the car have cruise control? What about a sunroof? Was it a salvage? What’s the odometer at? You’ll need to know about these things as both a bidder and a seller, especially if you’re buying from car dealers first. Car dealers will haggle out a great deal as long as you come prepared.

Running a used car business means having marketing solutions and marketing campaigns in place and knowing which marketing services will work for you. It also means being able to price your vehicles competitively so they’re ready to sell. If you need help with your online marketing services, don’t be afraid to reach out to a dedicated internet marketing company. It can make all the difference in your inflow and your metrics.


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