Is Your Business Guilty of Making These 5 Productivity Mistakes?

When just starting out your business, you may believe that all business models can be applied to create the perfect environment. But this isn’t so. The majority of startups fail within the first five years because they didn’t have a sound business model in mind. However, it’s the daily goings-on of the business that determines success.

Successful CEO leading a meeting

To prevent that from happening, here are five productivity mistakes you can avoid to ensure that your business is heading in the right direction.

Putting Too Much Thought into Strategy

Many business owners are caught in the loop of thinking about what they should be doing instead of actually taking action. Thinking yourself to the point of exhaustion gets nothing done and any problems you’re facing haven’t been solved.

The work done on any given day should be leading to some kind of tangible result you can see for your business; otherwise, you’re just wasting time. AArete is a management consulting firm that can help you to figure out what steps you should be taking to schedule your workload and duties more efficiently.

Not Managing Time Effectively

Time management is very crucial for productivity and effective decision-making. Focusing on the wrong aspect of your business can actually lose you a lot of money in the end if your other duties and responsibilities aren’t also taken care of.

Being aware of time management will keep you and everyone else on your team on task so that they know what that should be doing to achieve the goals before them. This means you won’t have to take homework after hours and ruins your time you should be spending relaxing or with your family.

Wasting Time with Distracting Communication

We all fall into that rabbit hole of answering every single email or being involved in every conversation that’s going on in the workplace. But some people can take this too far to the point that it eats up every hour of their day to the point that they don’t get anything done.

Workplace drama is a normal occurrence, but don’t get swept up in it. Weed out those who are constantly stirring up drama so that you can keep the workplace professional and working smoothly.

Not Prioritizing Tasks Properly

This goes hand-in-hand with a lack of time management and putting too much thought into a strategy. Focusing on the wrong things will lead to those low-value items on your itinerary being given too much attention when they’re not that important. Things like the corporate logo, the mission statement, and dealing with employee complaints are important, but they’re not more important than the successful running of your business.

Ignoring Your Health

Your mental and physical well-being are essential to the running of the business, so you shouldn’t put them on the backburner. There’s no point in running a business if you’re successful but absolutely miserable.

These five productivity mistakes may not end up making you a millionaire in the end, but curtailing them from the get-go will definitely make your business more successful for much longer.


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