5 Reasons Why More & More Millennials Are Using Web Push Notification

The prominence of push notification is not just only a proof of its effective working. The success of many businesses through it speaks itself a lot. Whether it is about an android application growing its user base or great conversions of a website.

Web push notification

To tell you why businesses have adopted push notification as a major marketing strategy in their campaigns, we’ve come up with the following reasons.

Here you go,

To gain new users

Many businesses use different marketing software to create a loyal customer base. You might be asking your customer to register himself on your website to do it for a long time. But, what’s the percentage of the customer who completes the process? And how are you going to keep them engaged? Ask yourself, did you ever focus on that?

No doubt, you may be dropping an email to do it, but it is true that email campaigns are old fashioned now.

Right there push notification performs well. Its short messages format and mobile personalized utility do not help to retain the existing users. It also drives you, new potential customers.

As long as you have permission to send notification messages to your users, they can get updates from your sites. And you can use this opportunity to make them complete their registration process

As long as recent users gave their permission for you to send notifications to them, they will continue receiving these alerts unless they change the setting. You can take advantage of this opportunity to prompt them to complete their registration in your app. This way, you can gather actionable information that would enable you to personalize future interactions with them. On top of that, you can begin building a loyal customer base through this marketing tool.

To promote new products or offers

American Marketing Association Websites have posted on their website which says that the consumer expects discount offers from the businesses, especially from those who are in the retail sector. And being a good businessman and a great visioner for your business you should stand for your consumer’s demands. But beware, even if you’re offering great offers, it may provide you nothing if the number of people is less than as expected.

Hence right there to mitigate it, you’ve to be active in communication. Push notification plays an important role. About 22.03% of people are connected to eCommerce for shopping through push notification. The various online stores’ entrepreneurs use 80% of push notification for updating consumers with new users and 50% for the latest product introduction.

And do you know that 25.29% of users like to receive push notification regarding their subscribed facility This way you can increase the likelihood of increasing your sales.

Consistent customer engagement

With 91.1% of the opt-in rate, the push notification rates are steadily on the rise of engaging android users base.

Also, on iOS it is 43.2 percent according to the business of Apps. The android has larger numbers because of its opt-out strategy, whereas iOS adopts an opt-in stance, which reduces the number of push notification engagement rates on all Apple devices.

While, there is no denying the fact that users like to receive notification from the subscribes service, which opens the paths to you for more engagement by using WordPress Push Notifications. Even though, when you’re not having enough sales, you can still practice it to make your brand a place in the consumer’s mind. This provokes us to place it on the top of the list of our social media marketing strategies so that we can increase the wider reach.

If you’re having a retail shopping app, you can use push messages to remind your subscribers to recall your catalog, new items, and offers once in a while.

Businesswoman using smartphone

To Boost Customer Retention

You can also let them stay connected by offering store credit through it. Customers love rewards, if they get pop-ups regarding their credit rewards for their single activity on your platform then they are most likely to stay with you. Today’s business is more about sharing profit with the customers because they also seek it.

To get feedback from clients

Push notifications are also discovered to get action from the reader user in order to get a high rate of engagement from the users. Besides their main functions, they are also used to invite customers to give their input or feedback. If you can make your audience give you reviews regarding your product then definitely it is gonna pay you off in the terms of business development.

You can pitch it through the push messages right after their interaction with the customer service. If they had a great experience through your interaction then they are more likely to give you positive reviews or a five-star rating. It will assure your goodwill among the consumers, which will ultimately turn them into your regular customers.

However, it is not sure that this tactic works 100% right, but still, you can increase the chances of user engagement toward your product.

To drive repeat purchases

Finding new leads is absolutely fine, but giving your whole concentration towards them only and losing your existing customers is foolish practice. However, you should know it is a more cost-effective way by just retaining your existing customers. And do you know? if you just increase your focus on retaining just by 5% you may boost your profit gain by 95%. And these figures are not just taken from anywhere, these are shared by Forbes through an article.

By keeping these numbers in your mind and creating strategies for delivering push notification (WordPress push notifications or WooCommerce push notifications) you can earn more and more as much as you can.

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