Five Reasons Why Having an Ecommerce Chatbot Can Be a Huge Benefit

More and more websites are making use of an ecommerce chatbot. This is because it offers a number of benefits to make a business more interactive with their client base without having to employ an extra person to do so.

Ecommerce chatbot

Here are five reasons why an ecommerce chatbot is a must-have.

1. A More Personalized Experience

Using chatbots means being able to collect data on your visitors that can be used in a litany of situations. This can result in a far more personalized experience that is set to their needs, preferences, and prior enquiries.

Chatbots can also notify customers when items they are interested in are back in stock or suggest alternate products based on their preferences. That personalized experience can have someone coming back again and again.

2. 24/7 Support

While it might not be the most realistic proposition, most customers expect 24/7 support. Having a customer service team for all hours is very expensive but implementing a chatbot can give you that complete round-the-clock coverage that customers crave without cracking open the bank.

That constant support is what will likely push customers towards your website above others; they want to know that their questions can be answered at any time of the day or night. With a chatbot, there will never be a lapse in coverage and your customers will have their questions answered in a timely manner.

3. Product Knowledge

The more a customer knows about a product, the better the chance that he or she will make that purchase. Having an ecommerce chatbot like ADA on your side means that you can have a wealth of knowledge available to your customers at all hours.

If they have any questions about your products or services, that chatbot can be there to provide answers right away. There will be no more having to wait for business hours and no need to hire a costly team to fill the need.

4. Saving Money

Having a customer service aspect is a must for just about any business. But having a support team comprised of real people can be costly. With a chatbot, you can fill those customer service activities for a fraction of the price.

Having that kind of help allows you to focus on other areas of your website or the business as a whole, giving attention to areas of need that may have been ignored otherwise.

5. Cart Recovery

One thing that leads to lost revenue is consumers losing their carts and leaving the site due to frustration. But with a cart recovery feature, your chatbot can bring that person’s cart back to them as last he or she left it.

Abandoned carts can be a huge loss of revenue for a company. And by making it easier for consumers to find things that they previously abandoned, it also makes it easier to capture some of that previously lost revenue that may have been slipping through the cracks without an automated customer service feature in place.


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