Best Practices and Examples of Lead Generation with HelpCrunch Chatbot

Are you an online business owner looking for creative tactics to improve lead generation? Think of hiring a diligent assistant who will engage with potential customers 24/7. Yes, we’re talking about a lead generation chatbot.


This game-changing technology can skyrocket the number of quality leads in your sales funnel on autopilot. For instance, business leaders say chatbots have increased sales by 67% on average.


This is the question HelpCrunch experts will explain in this post. Find out proven tactics and best practices on how chatbots help in lead generation and increase the number of deals sales agents close.

What is HelpCrunch?

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How Chatbots Can Benefit Your Business

The functions and capabilities of chatbots have evolved over the years. They have changed from being simply repetitive and illogically predictive to intelligent, programmable, and highly interactive features in a chat application or service.

Conversation with a chatbot

Chat, just like calls, is a way of communicating in real-time. Thus, this method of communication saw great potential in businesses, not just on the customer service aspect. It’s becoming a common misconception that chat services in business are only exclusively for customer service.

There are other benefits chat and chatbots can bring to your business, and we’ll tackle some of them here.

Chatbots Help Streamline Your Business Process

Chatbots that have intuitive and data-gathering programs embedded in them can collect valuable customer data which can be useful when it comes to planning and implementing changes or improvements in your business process.…

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How can SMBs utilize NLP and AI Chatbots?

Data growth is exponential today and there is no point in SMBs being rich in data but poor in information. Companies need to drive as much value as they can from data to understand customers better and meet their expectations.

Customer communicating with AI chatbot

Receiving insights from data can help in many ways, such as getting customers to remain loyal to the business. Consumer data could become one of the biggest differentiators in the next few years as whoever can unlock it and use it strategically is likely to be more successful.

Growth of unstructured data

Far more unstructured data exists than structured data. Structured data is formatted and organized in a way to make it easily searchable in databases.…

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Five Reasons Why Having an Ecommerce Chatbot Can Be a Huge Benefit

More and more websites are making use of an ecommerce chatbot. This is because it offers a number of benefits to make a business more interactive with their client base without having to employ an extra person to do so.

Ecommerce chatbot

Here are five reasons why an ecommerce chatbot is a must-have.

1. A More Personalized Experience

Using chatbots means being able to collect data on your visitors that can be used in a litany of situations. This can result in a far more personalized experience that is set to their needs, preferences, and prior enquiries.

Chatbots can also notify customers when items they are interested in are back in stock or suggest alternate products based on their preferences.…

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