CRM: Why You Need To Learn The Basics Of This Software

CRM software is the primary automation tool that’s used for customer relationship management in a business organization. In a more profound sense, it also refers to the strategies and technologies that companies use to reach out to customers. Not only does CRM software apply to their existing customers, but also to those they’re still trying to target.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The general point is that with CRM, it’s easier for companies to build strong relationships with their customers, as well as to foster loyalty and customer retention.

That said, here are compelling reasons why it’s imperative to learn the basics of CRM for small business.

1. Allows You To Gain A Better Knowledge Of Your Customers

What does CRM stand for? As mentioned above, it is the simplified version of the term customer relationship management, and, among the three, the most important is the word “relationship”. Businesses always strive to have better relationships with their customers. And, one excellent way to start with that is through CRM software.

With a CRM software, all pieces of information about your customer contacts are stored in one place. This means that should there be anything that you’re looking for to improve your marketing strategies, you can easily find it in the software. It’s like having a cheat-sheet ready with all the information that you need to give your marketing and advertising team a competitive advantage.

Here are examples of information that are right at your disposal with a CRM software:

  • Birthdays of customers
  • Name
  • Email and postal address
  • Relationship with other customers in your business
  • Website and social media accounts

Furthermore, with a CRM software, business activities are also contained in one information sheet. This means that you can save activities, live chats, customer service requests, orders, and other contracts in one page. This specific advantage leads to one major benefit, which is gaining a better and more in-depth knowledge of your customers.

2. Enables You To Increase Customer Retention

Once you already have a steady base of customers coming in, don’t just stop there. Now, you have to work even harder to ensure that these customers stay. You wouldn’t want to lose them. The higher your customer retention is, the bigger your chances of gaining more loyal customers. In turn, it results in more significant profits for your business.

Here are ways how mastery of the basics of CRM would enable you to achieve these goals:

  • It allows and teaches you to be more efficient in organizing and automating certain aspects of your business. In turn, you can now revamp your business processes into more straightforward methods, which results in a higher level of efficiency.
  • It helps you learn more about your customers. By this, it means that you’re going to have a deeper grasp not just of who your customers are, but also as to why they purchase your products. In addition, you’ll also be able to understand customer spending trends, as well as the decision-making factors of your customers.
  • It enables you to optimize your customer interactions. You can simplify whatever complicated process you have, which heightens customer satisfaction. When customers are happy, they stay and spend more. This, in turn, results in more profits for your business.

Contact segmentation in CRM

3. Enables You To Practice Better Segmentation Of Your Contacts

When you already have a good list of possible target customers or contacts, now you’ll want to segment them into different clusters. And, there’s no better tool that can effectively perform this task than a CRM software. Here are the reasons why:

  • CRM allows you to break down data based on specific criteria that you’ve set. These criteria will also serve as the basis for the different category groups that you’re going to have.
  • With a segmented list, you can run specific customer marketing campaigns. That way, you can also better analyze the different sales processes that you’re going to employ.
  • Now that you have specific groups of customers to address, you can also tailor your tactics, offer, and your sales pitch based on these clusters.

The whole point of practicing better segmentation of your contacts is this: when you know how to use a CRM system, you have a better understanding of the customers who are REALLY interested in your products and services. Thereby, you can focus your tactics, for now, on turning such an interest into positive results.

4. Allows You To Learn About The Different Types Of CRM Software

Learning and mastering the basics of CRM, you’ll also be exposed to the different kinds of CRM software. Knowing these is also essential for you to make intelligent choices as to which type may work best for your organization for now, and which one for another time.

Here are some of the most basic types of CRM software:


With this type of software, you can analyze your customer data better. The result is that you can also have a deeper understanding of market trends, which include your customers’ wants and needs. In turn, you can improve customer satisfaction ratings of your business.


With an operational CRM, you’re dealing with three aspects of operations: sales, service, and marketing. This software tool also comes in handy for your company if you want to practice better lead generation. This becomes possible as this kind of CRM software deals with data related to service satisfaction ratings of customers, purchasing trends, and even previous marketing campaigns.


This type of CRM software has to do with customers sharing information with other businesses. With this kind of data pool, your business will have access to even more information, which you wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. A collaborative CRM software proves to be beneficial if you’re in the process of researching new products or developing existing ones.

A startup founder is using a CRM tool


When you’re running a business, you probably know by now that customers are king. Without them, your entire organization will cease to function as well as it should. After all, businesses need customers who aren’t just passive, but active and loyal as well. These customers are expected to drive in more revenue.

With the help of a CRM software, you can have better relationships with your existing customers, and it would be so much easier for your business to entice prospective ones. If you’re still in doubt about learning and mastering the basics of this software, the above list should be enough of a reason to encourage you to do so.


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