What Are Some Things You Can Do with an Economics Degree?

When most people hear the word economics, they think of their miserable junior year history and math classes that they don’t want to relive. Yes, there is a decent amount of math involved with the field of economics, but there is so much more as well.

Economic consultant

Economics is such a broad term, and over many years, the field of economic studies has evolved. Most of the jobs found in economics used to be desk jobs with little to no human interaction.

Now, people with an economics degree can be a part of a group of people interacting and solving problems. Following a career path somewhere in the field of economics can lead to a life of success and comfortable living. Still, many people don’t know their options once they get their degree. Below is a list of careers people can get involved in using an Economics degree.


An accountant is a job that makes every other job in the economic field seem dull. This is the stereotypical steady income desk job. Being an accountant may be appealing to you because of how stable and consistent your day to day life would be.

Economic Consultant

This is the more modern-day look at economics. Economic consultants gather together with representatives from other companies and solve financial problems. This is where much human interaction and problem solving take place.

Data Analyst

Data, in terms of finance, is like a whole different language. A data analyst’s job is to translate that language into English for everyone to understand. This is probably the most challenging job on the list when it comes to intelligence.

Data analysts have to be pretty intelligent to translate and language of numbers into English. It requires an extreme understanding of numbers and the ability to write detailed reports.

Economic Researcher

An economic researcher does precisely what the job title depicts. They research the economy, economic trends, and try to predict what is going to happen in the future. This can be extremely beneficial from a stock market standpoint. Knowing what is trending and how businesses should invest their money can be extremely helpful.


People who work in the field of economics have to be trained with a particular set of skills. Like most other jobs, those skills can be studied and learned at a university. But, unlike most other jobs, the title “economics” really isn’t that appealing.

More people need to look into the field of economics because it is slowly dying. Because people don’t think of a “fun job” when they hear economics, fewer and fewer people are starting to find jobs in the field.

The truth is, with a degree in economics, so much is achievable. Economics is such a broad term and concept that with a degree in economics, you could most likely go into any jobs that you want. Economics might not be the prettiest of job titles, but it does have some undeniably appealing qualities.


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