9 Key Traits of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Some people described an innovator as quite narrowly. They say that they are not very creative if they don’t invent things and hold multiple patents. Many inventors have no products or patents, in fact. Many innovators create innovations, some bring them into action, while others are advocates, founders, and supporters of good ideas.

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When you think like that, you can know that you are a creative person.

Regardless of the position, big innovators share certain qualities. You may have to give yourself more credit if you consider these qualities in you.

These are the characteristics to develop if you want to become a global innovator.

1. Sensitive intellect

Innovators are sometimes described as autonomous individualistic geniuses and passionate persons who come together on their own with all kinds of revolutionary ideas. Whilst this is so enticing, the fact is that creativity is almost always the product of teamwork, thanks in large part to Hollywood.

You will often find incredible innovators who are networking and creating relationships with people from different backgrounds and experiences, both within and abroad. Emotional and sensitive intellect has a crucial role to play here and also in the marketing of their ideas and communication with others.

2. Taking risks without any fear

Innovators recognize that risk-taking leads to the advancement of significant discoveries and innovations. Inventors love to experiment and take risks and encourage others to do it as well. Most of the great innovators help people to be adventurous, and most promote risk-taking systematically in the employees. A risk-taking culture means promoting new ideas and being patient with disappointments, seeing it as a chance to improve and not as an excuse to failure.

3. Have a sense of pride

It may be seen as an ego, but brilliant innovators and successful entrepreneurs are incredibly confident at what they do. As Gallup analyzed creative potential, people with high confidence were performing better in stressful circumstances. If others see risk, businessmen see an opportunity, and if others see challenges and failures, they see achievement.

Implementation is an important element of creativity. It is not about the one who has an idea; it’s about the one who implemented it first. Healthy pride led people to take action in a more competitive market where hundreds of new ideas are implemented every day.

4. Taking action immediately

Too many people think they can’t go on with an idea until they are sure it’s the best option. Good innovators understand that until they try them, they will never learn what great ideas are. Indeed, they don’t hate to try bad ideas because they know that usually good ideas are just around them, and they just need to implement.

Start the idea and be open to learning more to become an innovator. If you keep working on multiple ideas and fear that implementation will cause you a loss, it is not a good sign. Work on an idea and implement it. It is the only way to find out if your idea is great and innovative.

5. Constantly searching connecting dots

Analog approaches are always being searched by innovators. It means that the ideas and solutions in one industry can be used in other industries after some molding. Skiing is a good example. A ski manufacturer wanted to lessen vibrations in skis when high-speed skiers turn around. In the music industry, they find an electronic approach and suitable equipment for stabilizing violins in order to reduce vibrations.

Innovators look everywhere for ideas. They have a keen sense to smell the ideas. It doesn’t mean one cannot develop this trait. You just have to be creative and more active in terms of observation to get a brilliant idea.

Good communication

6. Communicate effortlessly

One of the most important characteristics that innovators and entrepreneurs have is the opportunity to interact with different people. Communication skill is considered a key trait in successful entrepreneurs. They don’t hesitate to establish communication where needed. You may be thinking of why communication is that necessary. Communication makes you get ideas from the problems various people are facing.

If you can communicate properly with your friends, colleagues, family members, or relatives, it means you can focus and observe things in your daily interactions. Communication leads you to discuss several issues and problems, which ultimately leads you to the thinking process for the solution. This thinking or observatory process always leads to a solution which if implemented, could be the next great innovation.

You must be able to express what works and what doesn’t work as a part of communication. This creates a positive working environment while still promoting productivity.

7. Prefer to work as a team

The imaginative theory that inventors don’t like to work collaboratively is totally wrong. I sometimes wonder where these stories come from about the loneliness and craziness of inventors. A great innovator understands the importance of teamwork and does everything possible to become a good team player.

Instead of being stubborn lone rangers, great innovators are team players who bring new ideas to the table and are focused on the implementation of that idea with the support of a team. They know very well that collaborative efforts always produce good results regardless of smartness and creative traits in a single person.

8. Expanding the network every day

Inventors and entrepreneurs love to expand their network because they realize the benefit of networking. Building a good network will allow you to work on diverse ideas. Successful entrepreneurs expand their network by attending several meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, and events happening around them. You cannot be an innovator by locking yourself in a room to think about a great idea. Ideas come from people. That is why it is essential to make your network broader.

Your links with the right people can help you achieve your future goals. You can get a great innovative idea by expanding your network in the right direction.

9. Have a mentality of invention

As an innovator, you know that you can’t do it yourself because you need new ideas and creativity that go beyond your team. Good innovators contribute to the development of innovation culture through their company to increase innovation scope. It helps not just the business, but the market and even society to have a culture of creativity.

Prepostseo is an example of it. Starting from a scratch and reaching towards skyrocket popularity among top competitors like Grammarly, Turnitin, and Smallseotools is a result of creative team of them.

Busy entrepreneur solving problems

Wrapping up

Being innovative is a must for a major breakthrough, but it won’t help you unless it is backed by the characteristics mentioned above. Fortunately, though, these are all qualities that can be taught and learned. One can master anything by using inner abilities and willingness. Creativity is one of those traits that can be achieved with hard work and dedication.


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