4 Ways You Can Use Social Media AI to Become Irresistible to Customers

AI is slowly revolutionizing every component of marketing and its market size is expected to reach $390.9 billion by 2025.

Social media marketing is one of the marketing methods that’s benefiting from its use. Through AI, marketers can now create effective strategies and engaging content that can drive ROI.

Using social media AI for growing business

Managing your social media presence can be an arduous task as multiple activities need to be handled simultaneously. Some of these include content creation, customer support, and social monitoring. Social media teams also need to handle ads, influencer marketing campaigns, and more.

Integrating AI with social media makes it easier for the team to handle these operations. It helps streamline processes and increase engagement on social posts.

But how does AI improve customer experiences on social media and keep customers coming back for more?

Let’s take a look at the ways through which you can use social media AI to offer exceptional experiences to your customers.

How Can Social Media AI Improve Customer Experience?

The following are four ways you can use social media AI to offer better experiences to your customers.

1. Streamline Communication with Customers

Before AI, customers had to wait in queues for a long duration to get responses from companies on social media. However, today’s customers have little patience. In fact, 37% of consumers expect a response in under 30 minutes.

Social media response rate

Image via Conversocial

What does this mean for your social strategy?

It means that you need to offer quick responses to customer queries and complaints.

Integrating intelligent chatbots in your social media strategy is a great idea for achieving this. It allows you to be available for your customers around the clock. Chatbots can provide instant problem resolutions to your customers and improve the customer experience you deliver.

AI chatbots also have other functionalities, including starting conversations with consumers and answering questions. Additionally, you can use them to direct customers to products on your website.

With AI chatbots, you can also get tremendous insights into every customer. You can track and analyze data to get a complete overview of your customers and offer a more personalized customer experience to them.

2. Social Listening

With AI, you can follow conversations related to your brand, industry, or products. AI-powered listening tools allow you to listen to conversations on social media by tracking specific phrases, keywords, or competitors.

Based on the insights gathered from this, you can create content that targets your key audiences on social media.

Why should you care about this?

Because listening tools allow you to understand conversations about your brand and find trends. They provide insights you can use to become the go-to resource in your industry. Using tools like Brand24, YouScan, and BuzzSumo, you can create the right social media content for your audience.

Some social listening tools can also help you monitor your brand’s reputation using sentiment analysis. They enable you to identify positive and negative words in social media posts.

What’s more?

These tools can also sort through the noise to help you identify issues that could escalate into a crisis. As a result, you can quickly and efficiently handle customer service problems.

It gets better:

Social media AI tools also help you identify the best influencers for your brand. They do so by finding customers who champion your brand. You can then partner with them and grow your brand even more.

3. Improve Your Visual Content Strategy

Ever wondered how you can post visuals that’ll resonate well with your target audience on social media?

Well, social media AI can help with that.

It can help you identify current trends and also analyze the way your audience interacted with your visual content in the past. Based on these analytics, it can provide content ideas that can effectively boost your engagement rates.

Social media AI tools like Cortex can help you achieve this. It scans your visual content to identify which elements lead to better engagement rates and recommends those to you.

Cortex social media AI

Image via Cortex

You can also use social AI tools to identify consumer behavior. Cloud Vision by Google is one such tool that helps you detect the content on images. It identifies logos, faces, products, and associated emotions in consumer images.

The tool provides insights that allow you to tailor your visual content to specific customers.

For example:

Let’s say you sell shoes online. You can use Cloud Vision to identify your brand in customer photos. Through it, you can analyze their usage habits and promote your brand in a different way to them.

4. Promote the Right Products

Social media AI makes the customer segmentation process effortless. It helps find hidden patterns in data and removes human bias. It helps segment your audience based on demographics, content preferences, past purchases, and more.

But why do you need to do this?

Because customers don’t like unnecessary ads and intrusive messages. They only want the right recommendations.

In fact, 91% of shoppers are likely to shop with brands that offer relevant recommendations and offers. Another study found that 63% of consumers will even stop buying from brands with poor personalization.

However, you must use this personalization in moderation.


Because 35% of customers find it creepy when brands send them ads on social sites for products they browsed on websites. And 66.2% of them said that creepy marketing activities get annoying when they get targeted too many times.

Creepy marketing stats

Image via SmarterHQ

Social media AI tools like Acquisio use behavioral analytics to help you identify the right target customers for your promotions. It also determines appropriate ad messages that can have an impact on your target audience and helps allocate spending where it’s most effective.


Social media AI can help you unleash the true power of social media. You can use it to improve customer experience, boost loyalty, and increase ROI. Through it, you can transform user experiences and market your products on social media effectively.

It offers insights and direction on how to create an effective social media strategy and improve your targeting practices. As a result, the consumer receives unique experiences with social content tailor-made for them.

Do you have any questions about using social media AI? Or any tips to add? Let us know in the comments.


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