5 Actionable Techniques to Improve your Outcomes with Content Marketing

Content marketing has captured a lot of attention these days. It has become one of the most notable digital marketing strategies used nowadays and for good reason.

Content marketing techniques

There are different forms of content that can be published and it costs only a fraction of other marketing methods. In addition, the conversion rates that marketers see through content marketing are six times higher than that of traditional marketing. Therefore, using content marketing has become crucial nowadays. However, the benefits can only be reaped if it is used in the right way. The content you create should be interesting and engaging to give you the results you want.

The key to remember is that you only have a few minutes for impressing your audience. If you don’t get them hooked in a few seconds, you will end up losing readers. It doesn’t matter if you write well-researched and the best content in the world; no one is going to read it.

While there is no universal formula that can help you in ensuring your content is read by everyone, there are some tips that do come in handy. Listed below are 5 actionable techniques that you can use for improving your outcomes with content marketing:

Tip 1: A viral headline goes a long way

When we talk about online success, viral has become a code-word. Everyone wants to create viral YouTube videos, publish viral social media posts and viral blog content. But, you should know that the things you think have viral potential may not necessarily impress your audience. The key to making a viral headline is to ensure it comprises of the following elements:

  • Emotional appeal; if you can make people laugh or evoke any other emotion, they will be hooked.
  • A trending topic; if it is something being widely discussed, the audience will be interested.
  • Something curious; create content that makes people curious and they will stick around.
  • A how-to guide; offer people a simple guide to something complicated and they will want it.

Also, you should ensure that your headline is able to deliver on its promise or else your audience will not trust you again.

Tip 2: Focus on the first paragraph

Having a great opener is vital for retaining the attention of your reader. The first paragraph determines the fate of your content. If you write something long, boring and convoluted, the reader won’t stick around, even with a good headline.

While it may not be possible to write the perfect first paragraph every time, you can still make it good. Start with a quote, joke or something relevant and catchy. Tell a story and tie it into a theme or give a glimpse of what you will share in the article.

Tip 3: Develop a tone or voice

It is not extensive research or experience that makes some writers better than others, although they do help. Great writers have a unique voice or tone that makes them easily recognizable amongst a crowd. That’s what you want to achieve.

Instead of trying to replicate anyone, it is better if you try and develop your own tone. Don’t select a certain writing style just because you think it will appeal to the audience as people will be able to tell your content is not authentic. Stick to your own voice and build a rapport with your audience.

Tip 4: Keep it focused

The biggest quality of good content is focused content. People are not reading your content so you can explore all the ideas in your head. It is better to select a topic and stick to it so your readers can know what to expect from the post. Create an outline so you don’t digress and are able to deliver on your promise. Don’t try to use long sentences and big words that are unnecessary.

Tip 5: Make it persuasive

This is a very challenging part of content marketing because you really do want to persuade the audience with your text. There are a few ways you can do this like by appealing to the consumer’s emotions, appealing to their sense of logic or reason, appealing to traditions or for reciprocity i.e. giving something to get something.

Use these techniques and you will be able to see improved outcomes through content marketing.


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