Running a Multi-national Digital Business? You Should Use a Virtual HQ. Here’s Why.

A Virtual headquarter – or Virtual HQ – in a nutshell allows businesses to benefit from all the advantages of having a prestigious address, landline phone number, and team support without committing to dedicated office space. Office investments are minimized and your business can have the impression of a conventional high-cost infrastructure and office.

Melbourne in the morning

Melbourne, Australia

Professionals can work from home or co-working spaces and still have the reputation of a city center address. Research has shown that customers prefer businesses that have a proper address and not a home or post office address.

A Virtual HQ service provider, such as, gives your digital business the professional presentation it needs to develop its brand image, the freedom to still explore and work wherever you need to, all while conserving your expenses. Virtual Headquarters are cost-effective and great for digital businesses that have footprints globally.

Here are the following reasons why you should consider a Virtual HQ:

Cost Savings

Consider the expenses normally connected with renting or buying office space and how rapidly they can add. Notwithstanding renting or leasing costs, you may likewise need to invest in office hardware and furniture. Labor costs will also add to the expenditure, from routine cleaning to incidental support costs for handymen and electricians, for instance.

Virtual workplaces offer a practical way that gives you incredible efficiency and flexibility without planning for the normally significant expenses of renting or owning a physical office area.


With the universality of the internet, most routine assignments can be finished remotely. Regardless of whether you like to telecommute or need to accomplish some work at a bistro, virtual workplaces give you the adaptability of a physical office without waiting to be available there.

Numerous virtual workplaces offer different types of assistance, for example, remote helpers and receptionists that can reply and forward calls to your business telephone number. This further includes flexibility since you don’t have to utilize a full-time colleague or secretary yet still receive the rewards of utilizing your time all the more beneficially while letting these aides handle routine assignments for you.

Credibility and Professionalism

Ideally, you need your customers to see your business as being authentic and dependable. The right perception is very important for your brand. Posting your place of residence on stationery, your website, or printed documents may seem to be unprofessional and can hurt the reputation of your brand. Virtual locations, local business telephone lines, and the capacity to lease meeting spaces will boost your credibility and will help you to build your brand image.

A virtual office is much more cost-efficient than a coworking space or a serviced office. In a coworking space, you have to invest at least a couple of hundred dollars every month to have a floating desk in a physical territory – a similar sum you spend yearly on an elite place of work provided by a virtual office. Plus, what you get isn’t a P.O. address however an individualized suite number in a normally renowned place of business. This will give a superior impression of your business to potential customers.

Virtual Business Address

One fixed address

A fixed location can curb your business expenses and allow you to be more flexible. A multinational digital business is dynamic and you may need to move into new locales as you extend. A virtual location is much more than a post box address. It furnishes your clients with a genuine location to write to and, significantly, send payments to. It permits you to concentrate on effectively running your business without revealing your personal address and information.

Increased Productivity

When individuals are comfortable and happy, they are more likely to be productive. Entrepreneurs have the privilege of permitting their employees to work from home (customary virtual office) or to have them report in a leased office space obtained through seat leasing (modern virtual office).

You have the ability to monitor when your employees are reporting to work and also when they fail to follow established objectives, you’ll see an improvement in productivity. If representatives exceed or meet their goals or even fail to do so, you can actively measure their performance and then decide accordingly. Letting a remote worker off is much easier and requires almost no documentation. Allowing employees to work remotely also lowers turnover because employees are usually happier to be equipped to do their jobs from their preferred place and will decrease huge expenditure on your part.

If you wish you can rent a physical location for your employees through seat leasing, in which businesses are furnished with seats devoted to their staff, alongside the important workstation arrangement and web availability. Although there is a physical office, your staff directly reports to you and you get to manage them more efficiently. Modified Virtual Headquarters have actual physical space for your offshore employees. So that they can work in a professional environment and have better productivity while you can directly communicate with them in one place.

Virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

An important part of a Virtual Headquarter is a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is a team member who can work remotely with the use of the internet. You can delegate the job to a person anywhere around your city or even globally. Digital businesses can save up to 40% of its cost by hiring a virtual assistant.

Some of the most important work that a virtual assistant does are:

  • Administrative work: Daily administrative work like diary management, basic data entry, answering phone calls, booking travel arrangements and organizing a to-do list.
  • Social Media Management: It is the place where most digital business thrives. Social media still has untapped potential and virtual assistants help with regular updates and overall management of your social media profiles.
  • Customer Service: Providing proper customer service at an affordable cost is possible if you outsource the work to a virtual assistant as it doesn’t require a high level of expertise.

Apart from the above-mentioned points the type of work that Virtual Assistants perform ranges from surveying customers, filling out web forms and administration type work.


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