Business Management Tips For Food Service

Managing a food service business effectively takes a creative balance of public relations, inventory management, human resources, communications, marketing, and more. Focusing on the food with all the other important elements floating around in your mind could become quite a task.

Restaurant manager promoting dishes

However, there is hope for your jumbled thoughts. Education is a powerful tool for production and efficiency. Take a moment to invest in your own professional development, and read through a few business management tips for food service.

Customer service is paramount

The old term, “The customer is always right,” still rings true in food service. No matter whether you’re a franchisor or a franchisee, excellent customer service will fuel the success of your business.

As a part of management, you will be charged with the duty of communicating with disgruntled customers. It’s important that you know how to stay positive and end the engagement on a positive note.

It’s even more important that you consistently work to create a superior customer experience. Service is a huge part of the industry, and excellence is always the expectation.

Money management is critical

Food service deals in a multitude of small bills throughout the business day. It’s always worth taking the time and resources to refine your operation’s money management regimen. Keep close tabs on the finances of your operation, and you’ll have a digital map of where every dime goes.

Operational steps are essential

Functioning in food service calls attention to a specific set of essential steps that should be taken by your employees every day, several times per day. Handwashing, sanitation of surfaces, the proper rotation of foods, and temperature control are all critical elements of running a successful food service business.

Your staff is vital to your success

Be choosy when hiring the individuals who will be on the front lines of your business. You will find your turnover rates are much lower when you put a little more effort into properly vetting applicants.

Don’t sell your operation short, and wait for the best applicants to come across your desk. Utilize the various tools offered by the web to reach a wider base of applicants when you’re seeking out new additions to your staff.

Model the performance you expect to see

Be the example you wish you see in your employees while you are on the clock. Employees don’t respect a manager that refuses to do the job that is expected of them.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and work hard to set a strong example. A good work ethic is an inspiration to others, and setting the standard is a part of your job description in management.


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