Best 10 Ways to Become a successful SEO Consultant

With the rise of digital marketing, SEO has attained much importance. It is a set of different techniques that allow you to rank your website higher in search results such as Keyword Research, Content Writing, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

SEO consultant advising a client

Usually, the SEO expert has a degree in either Marketing, MBA, Software Engineering or Computer Science. However, you can also enroll in yourself in a short course and can become an SEO expert in a very short period of time. This article is entirely based on how to become a successful SEO Consultant or Expert.

  • Short Courses
  • YouTube
  • SEO Influencers
  • SEO Consultants
  • Educational Organizations
  • SEO Books
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Blogging

Short Courses

Usually, a course of 3-6 months allows you to become a successful SEO consultant in a very short period of time. Different online,as well as offline SEO courses allow you to become a successful SEO consultant in a very short duration of time.

For this, you can search for online courses on Google. Udemy is one of the best platforms to learn SEO. Besides, different SEO courses are also offered by top-notch SEO organizations such as Ahref, Moz, and Coursera.

Such courses are either paid or offered up to a discount. In order to become a successful SEO consultant, you can enroll yourself in these courses and can shortly come up with great SEO Knowledge.


The secret of the top-notch SEO experts of the world is YouTube. SEO course is offered in detail on YouTube in the form of a playlist. Such playlist is in the regional languages of the world. However, it widely depends on the person giving the SEO lecture from where it belongs.

English is the worldwide recognized language and most of the SEO playlists on YouTube are in English. You can subscribe to different SEO YouTube channels and can avail the SEO knowledge of the top-notch industry in order to become an expert in a short period of time.

SEO Influencers

Various SEO influencers can aid you in learning SEO, besides, they will also constantly update you about the latest changes in the SEO industry. Brain Dean offers a complete SEO course. However, it is paid. You can follow different SEO influencers on YouTube and can constantly receive updates from them on SEO.

Neil Patel is considerable in this regard. He has various SEO tools that he offers for free. You can utilize his tools in providing SEO services to your clients. Besides, he also constantly updates his followers about the recent changes in the SEO industry. His tips are most valuable in the SEO industry and are entirely based on his years of experience.

Similarly, if you want to open a company with bunch of people, Prepostseo is one of the best example for it. They have 200+ free seo and educational tools and inspiring millions monthly.

Neil Patel

SEO Consultants

You can also learn from the SEO Consultants in the SEO industry. Different SEO consultants have years of experience in the SEO industry. However, they are reluctant to share their knowledge with others as they have acquired such knowledge after years of experience.

You can join for an internship or job in the digital agencies of such SEO experts and can learn secrets from them. For this, you have to be on job in their organization not less than 1 year. In this period, you can attain top-notch SEO knowledge from them and later join any multi-national organization to job as an SEO consultant. This methodology will aid you a lot.

Educational Organizational

Different Educational organizations offer basic to advance IT courses and also offer SEO courses as part of their programs. You can enroll in such courses and can acquire crucial SEO knowledge from the top-notch industry experts.

Such courses are paid however, here you can also acquire the SEO knowledge for free as part of the government schemes like Digi Skills Training Scheme in Pakistan. In this regard, it is also recommended to take help from Google.

You can search read reviews on Google about that SEO institute and can later enroll after your complete satisfaction. Such institutions will benefit you a lot in learning SEO.

SEO Books

SEO Books of the top-notch industry experts are available in the market. Such knowledge is entirely based on the real-world knowledge of the top-notch industry SEO experts. Through their hard and soft copies of books, SEO experts share their success stories with their readers, their targeting strategies as well as the algorithms of various search engines and the working of SEO.

Exposing yourself to the SEO books will allow you to attain the years of knowledge of the experts that they have acquired after their decades of learning and experience. This technique will allow you to become an SEO expert in a short period of time.

Reverse Engineering

Using this process, you can learn various SEO strategies implemented by different SEO experts on their websites. In this regard, you can benefit from different tools like Ahref, Moz, SEMrush in learning different SEO strategies implemented by organizations or bloggers on their website.

In Reverse Engineering, you need to discover, the keywords website is targeting, their content writing strategies, as well as backlinks. The major thing you need to explore is the backlinks of a website.

You have to discover from where the website is acquiring backlinks, as well as the metrics of the website from where the backlink is acquired. Reverse Engineering will reveal the top-notch secrets of a website as well as their different SEO strategies. You can surely learn a lot from this strategy.

Blogging for business


In learning SEO, you can also adopt Blogging as a technique if you want to learn SEO from scratch. You can have your free blog on Blogger or WordPress and can try various SEO strategies on your blog.

Having your personal blog allows you to learn SEO techniques in real-time. In this regard, you constantly need to experience new things on your blog and have to discover which technique is aiding you a lot. Blogging will surely allow you to come up with great SEO knowledge.

In Blogging, you can also earn money as well as learn new strategies and techniques in SEO.


SEO is evolving day by day and is considered as the most beneficial industry in IT. Learning all the aspects of SEO will open the doors of endless jobs as well as endless opportunities for you.


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