How to Win the First Impressions Game: Start with Your Phone Answering Service

As the popular saying goes, “first impression is the last impression”. You only get one chance to build a good first impression, and it is crucial that you do. Having a good first impression can go a long way in maintaining a loyal client base, who believe in you and your business.

Phone answering service

One of the best steps you can take to create a good first impression on your consumer’s mind in today’s world is to make sure that you answer calls promptly, even beyond office hours. How so?

Research has demonstrated that about 70% of clients will hang up immediately on the off chance that they are sent to voice mail. This leaves a distaste of your services on their mind, and you might not even get a call back from them. However, with a dependable telephone answering assistance set up, you can make top-notch associations with forthcoming customers at a sensible expense.

Indeed, it is essential to be aware of your organization’s spending plan and keeping consumptions low is one of the best approaches to reduce expenses, establish long-lasting connections, and improve your ROI.

So, how does a phone answering service work? Why should you use such service? Read on to learn more.

How Does A Phone Answering Service Work?

An automated answering service basically exists in order to provide your customers with all of their required information in an easy manner. However, there are various types of virtual telephone assistance available that can help you manage your work.

You need to choose among these available options to suit your business requirements.

  1. Virtual Receptionist Service – This is an external agency that will perform all of the functions that a regular in-office receptionist would do. This includes answering phone calls, transferring required phone calls to the correct person within the office, or providing the caller with any required information.
  2. Virtual Office service – In addition to doing all of the work mentioned above, this agency can also provide your business with a proper physical mailing address that receives all of the official mails, as well as private meeting spaces. These additional benefits can make it a great option for organizations that has a lot of its processes working remotely.
  3. Automated Answering Service – Have you ever called up the customer care team of any organization, and been asked to dial a certain number based upon your requirements? This how an automated answering service works. However, using this service can sometimes make your clients feel like they are losing personal touch with your business. Speaking to actual human beings can ensure that this personal touch is retained.
  4. Call Center – Lastly, you can outsource all of your phone calls to an external call center, who takes care of all your calls for you.

Phone answering service

Why Phone Answering Service?

Here are various reasons why it can be a good idea for your business to hire a phone answering service:

1. Reduce Employee Overtime Expenses

With a telephone answering assistance set up, your organization can accept calls, messages, and requests consistently all through the day, even beyond the office hours. A telephone answering help can assist you with remaining open while all of your rivals are shut, even on weekends. With the assistance of a telephone answering help, you won’t need to stress over paying for worker extra time or end of the week hours.

You can have the answering assistance available to you consistently throughout the day for a fraction of the expense of a full-time worker.

2. Reduce Costs

It’s typical for private companies to not have space in the spending limit for a full-time receptionist, albeit it is one of the most vital jobs to their business. Fortunately, with a reliable virtual receptionist help, you can control the level of service suitable to your business’ needs.

With the adaptable plans and costs, you will have total control on the amount you need to spend on the answering process of your company, all without giving a full payment to a full-time worker.

3. Helps You Manage Your Time Better

As an entrepreneur, the greater part of your time is most likely burnt through using intellectual effort on arranging how and when things ought to be finished. Be that as it may, a telephone answering assistance can accomplish something other than record messages and answer calls, they can likewise assist you with dealing with your timetable as well.

Having additional help to compose your week by week activities will save your time, increment your efficiency, and permit you to keep making associations with successful deals. This can help your organization become greatly successful in the long run.


Partnering with a reliable phone answering service provider can really be the key to enhancing your first impression. Make sure you pay extra attention to phone answering, as doing it right will make the next steps in your customers’ buying journey easier.


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