Keeping your Business Slip, Trip and Fall Free: 5 Ways You Could Avoid a Lawsuit

When you’ve worked hard to turn your business dream into a reality, you’ll do anything to preserve all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the vision of your success. So, the last thing you want is to find yourself facing lawsuit action after an employee or client endures a slip, trip or fall at your premises. You can speak to a slip and fall lawyer here, just click the link.

Workplace accident

It’s financially crippling and potentially damaging to your company’s reputation. So, preserving your reputation and the safety of your clients and your employees is paramount.

Here we’re going to look at 5 ways you could avoid a lawsuit by keeping your business slip, trip and fall free.

1. Be wary of cables and cords

Cables and cords are often the cause of many trips and falls within business premises. Therefore, keeping cables for phone lines, computers and other electrical items out of thoroughfares and tucked away safely is a simple yet effective way to keep your staff and clients safe. Ensure there are plenty of power outlets throughout the building so cables won’t have to be run across walkways and around people’s feet.

2. Stairwells and stairs

Keeping stairs and stairwells safe is another important aspect of keeping your business accident free. Attaching reflective tape on the top and bottom of each stair will help people spot the potential hazard of tripping. Keeping stairwells well lit will also help keep people safe and ensuring handrails and railings are secure will help people retain their balance and reduce the likelihood of falls.

3. Check your flooring solutions

Uneven floorboards cracked tiles and ripped carpet. Damaged flooring solutions are all potential trip hazards that can be easily rectified. If there is a trip hazard on the floor, ensure that it is correctly highlighted with relevant warning signs until the damage can be repaired. Conduct regular checks on the interior and exterior flooring solutions of your property to ensure maintenance is kept up to date.

4. Lighting

Your employees and clients are less likely to fall, trip and have accidents if they can see where they’re going and see the hazards in question. Ensure that all areas are adequately lit.

5. Spills and trip hazards

A spilled cup of coffee, or leaky pipe causing a puddle on the floor, boxes and debris that are cluttering the thoroughfare between offices. Keeping your floors clear of all hazards and spillages is important and easy to manage if you keep on top of it.


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