7 Reasons To Immediately Hire A Good Defence Lawyer

If you have recently been accused or charged with a criminal offence then it is of the utmost importance to engage with and hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer as soon as possible. It is essential to the outcome of your case that you do not delay or hesitate when it comes to obtaining professional legal advice.

Hiring a defence lawyer

If you have been criminally charged, this can be an extremely emotionally charged, daunting and stressful time. One of the best ways to relieve some of your stress is to have a dedicated and experienced advocate in your corner to fight for your rights and defend your case. It is in your best interest to engage with a reputable and trusted Criminal Law Firm immediately after you arrest. This will give you the best possible chance to reduce charges or dismiss them completely.

This article written by our acquaintance at jonathanwmcconnell.com will give you tips and advice on how to hire the best lawyer to suit your needs and achieve the optimal outcome. Arming yourself with the necessary information and knowledge is the best way to give you confidence and peace of mind when making well-informed decisions.

We share these 7 reasons to immediately hire a good Defence Lawyer:

1. Possible Dismissal Of Formal Charges

If you engage with a defence lawyer straight after you have been arrested there is a possibility that they will be able to negotiate with other parties to drop or dismiss the charges before they have even been formally laid and processed. They can negotiate on your behalf and work toward a positive outcome. However, time is of the essence when it comes to the dismissal of formal charges which is why it is vital to contact them immediately.

2. Plea Bargain

Your criminal defence lawyer will act as your professional spokesperson on your behalf to negotiate a possible plea agreement and establish a significantly lesser charge or consequence. They will calmly and effectively defend your case against any allegations however to achieve an effective outcome and plea bargain you must not hesitate to contact your defence lawyer ASAP.

3. Mediation

As these times are emotionally driven and charged, things can often get out of hand before you know it. Contacting an expert defence lawyer immediately and having them by your side will be able to quickly calm a situation and act as a mediator between all parties to be able to appropriately come to a solution.

4. Preserved Evidence

The earlier you engage with a professional criminal defence lawyer the better you will both be able to use the preserved evidence to your advantage. You will be able to build a stronger case the earlier you begin and the longer you wait to seek the assistance of a criminal lawyer, the higher the likelihood is that you will forget essential information and the details of events may become hazy and disjointed. Leaving things too long and forgetting important information and evidence can be extremely detrimental to the success of your case.

5. Expert Guidance and Advice

Professional Criminal Defence Lawyers are experienced in navigating all aspects of criminal law. They will give you expert advice and guidance on what the best avenue is to proceed with your case. Whether that be to go for a plea deal or continue on to a trial, contacting a criminal defence lawyer immediately will avoid making the wrong decision and greater the chances of a successful outcome.

6. Peace Of Mind

Having an advocate in your corner for your defence right off the bat will give you the peace of mind and confidence that your case is in capable hands. Navigating a courtroom or even the allegations and charges placed against you can be extremely difficult to understand which is why it is so important to engage with a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible so you can gain a better understanding and be prepared.

7. Dedicated Advocate

As much as having a dedicated advocate in your corner provides you with the necessary peace of mind, it will also give you the confidence that you will achieve a more successful outcome and result than you would going into it alone. A good defence lawyer will arm you with strong strategies and action plans to build a solid case.


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