The Journey For Anthony Van Johnson, Becoming The Highly Respected Lawyer

Many people forget that hired lawyers and other professionals often have very interesting pasts. This is definitely true in the case of Anthony Van Johnson. While he is a divorce lawyer now, this was not always true.

Anthony O. Van Johnson

Born at the Fort Benning Army Base, Attorney Anthony Van Johnson led a busy life. Fort Benning is well known as being the home to the 75Th Ranger Battalion, Ranger School, Airborne, and Infantry School. Service to his country ran in his blood as his father was also involved in the military, being a highly decorated combat veteran, buried with full honors in 2005 within the Arlington National Cemetery.

Anthony O. Van Johnson started doing many different things after leaving the army. While he traveled in Europe and San Francisco, he was heavily involved in being a professional musician. Johnson performed with many recording acts, and even participated in theatre musicals, played with a Big Band, and was associated with many other acts in multiple genres of music. On another note, he competed in and instructed others in martial arts. He trained in various styles over different states, as well as Europe, making him pretty widely versed travel-wise and hobby-wise.

When Anthony Van Johnson was asked about the origins of his company, he had a pretty exciting tale to tell. It turns out that although he was already involved in being a professional musician, and an Army Infantry Squad Leader, he was also part of the Army Mounted Color Guard and Drill Team. However, many people don’t realize that he was also a professor. While in the nuclear industry, he was a Senior Health Physics Technician, putting even more history under his belt.

When he entered law school, the first thing that he wanted to do was to start his firm and become a trial lawyer. While this was able to be done immediately, it was his long term goal. After he graduated, he moved to Atlanta, where he was hired by a law firm there in the downtown area. Unfortunately, he was thrown directly into the fray only three days after his hire date. As academic as he was, this did not cause any problems as he ended up taking control over many cases that the departing attorney left. These were criminal cases, and he was directed to handle them all. It was a trial by fire for him for 19 months, but then one day, he knew he had gained enough experience to start his firm. This is how he became Anthony Van Johnson lawyer and not someone under another person’s firm.


Customer Reviews

Extremely efficient and helpful!

Anthony Van Johnson Atlanta saved my bacon, and I will always refer him to others.

Five stars!

Bob F.

Not only was he extraordinarily kind and compassionate to my situation, but he also helped me more than anybody else, I had contact up to that point in time. I refer to him as a saint because he took a terrible situation and helped make everything chaotic about it much more orderly. I had already hired two other lawyers, both of which did nothing and charged insane fees. Upon contact him, I was able to explain everything that happened. He asked a few questions, and we did a bit of work, and in the end, he helped me keep my personal property and rights, even though my ex-wife had tried to bully me into giving them away. He calmly and professionally dealt with her, her attorney, and the judge presiding over the case. It turns out marriage wasn’t the best thing for me but hiring Anthony Van Johnson was.


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