Business Marketing Strategies That are Still Relevant in 2020

The business world of today is completely different comparatively speaking than it was twenty years ago. In our digitalized age everything can be managed with a few clicks on a mouse and with a few buttons pressed. And, while it may seem that business has advanced to a degree not recognizable by our fathers, there are still some residual similarities which will likely always remain as they always have.

Developing business marketing strategy

Our business ventures often can be managed on the internet, and when they are not in spite of that, the internet is still present in some form in their inception. Whether you are a plumber or an electrician, your business may be manual, but the internet will have played a part.

Consumers now, instead of collecting numbers from the Yellow Pages as was the practice in days long gone, will open a search engine and key in what exactly it is they are looking for.

What Proven Marketing Strategies are Still Present?

Communication in the 21st century has changed drastically. And, while much of our communication takes place on the internet or through SMS marketing which you can learn more about if you click here, as you can see, the old-fashioned telephone and personal marketing still do take place. Business is a product of the times, and in such a digitalized age it is no surprise that marketing and advertising a business all takes place largely on the internet.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing has always existed in one form or another. While the internet offers many possible avenues for marketing, it appears the oldest still remains prominent. Marketers of the 21st century personalize every advertisement by using analytics and understanding the differences in demographics; affinity categories; SEO marketing, and segmenting.

Personalized marketing saw a decrease many years ago but is quickly becoming the hot thing for businesses to employ. Companies are digging deep into their prospective customers’ minds and establishing what it is they really want. A customer will always want to feel special; the use of personalized marketing is a proven successful technique made easier with the advent of social media and the technological boom. This is especially true for SMS campaigns. You can easily personalize your messages with a web SMS service.

Personalized content has changed the way the internet works, it is when you are watching a video on YouTube you receive an advertisement that is something you were looking at only hours before. The internet records data and transmits it between companies and customers, allowing you to have a totally unique experience when browsing the internet, no one person’s experience the same.

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Promotional Items and Vouchers

It is no surprise that as humans we inherently seek out lower prices. We are all scrimpers and savers and it is an ancient marketing technique that works every time. Items that can be given away for free that carry your emblem or logo on them will not only be free advertising but leave the customer with a sense of satisfaction they would not have had. For example, a coffee cup with your brand’s logo on it – they may keep that same cup for fifty years and all of the people who they meet in their life will see your logo and wonder how they too can get one of those neat cups.

Vouchers are another, if you provide an abundance of well-valued vouchers you are likely to draw customers in and gain a lot of attention.

Direct Cold Calling through Email or Social Media

While physical cold calling is long becoming a thing of the past and telephone cold calling is slowly becoming less and less prominent, reaching out to your potential clientele directly is often the best way to draw customers in. While the former methods have become less prominent, the internet has afforded business owners a brilliant and up to date method of cold calling: via email and social media. With one message you can generate loyal customers who will remain with your company until the end.

Flyers and Posters

Flyers and posters only really work if your business is local. Internet-based businesses can hardly draw any interest through posters and flyers; the small local business however, still can. Handing flyers and posters out personally can keep you in touch with your key demographic and clientele and build a sense of friendship and loyalty. If your business is new and the market saturated, often the best way to get your name out there is through handing out flyers and posters.

Whether you’re offering promotional discounts, or inviting customers for a free cup of coffee, by reaching out to them and personally distributing flyers you will develop a rapport which if done correctly will gift you loyal and repeat customers, again and again, who want to please you. Marketing techniques even age-old are still prominent in today’s busy world. No technique can become completely redundant.


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