Print Marketing is Still Highly Valuable for Your Small Business

Some small business owners believe that digital marketing beats print marketing in the modern era. However, 56 percent of customers believe that print marketing is more trustworthy than other avenues of marketing according to Alliance Business Services. The irony here is that in many instances your small business, product or service will only stand out if you use traditional print marketing tactics.

Print marketing is still valuable

Why print marketing is still valuable

Print marketing is still relevant in 2019 because of its tangibility. You don’t have to use a gadget to access print media, and it has a sense of permanence to it. That sense of permanence that a postage stamp collector would feel with his or her collection. However, online content cannot give you this feeling because it keeps changing and you cannot always trust it. For example, the rise of fake news, online scams and unreliable internet based small businesses make it hard for people to trust digital content. explains that types of print marketing in the form of stamps, business cards, calendars, magnets and stickers can stay in offices and homes for years. That means that your brand and logo will always be seared in the minds of the people who own these forms of print marketing. Also consider the fact that print marketing forms like business cards, can be issued to a significant number of people without them having to jot down on a piece of paper or type on their phones your business contact details.

Print media is more engaging

Print advertising make people remember more about a service or product according to a report by the Association of Magazine Media. People read content on paper slower and deeper and this makes them comprehend better what has been written according to the report. On the other hand, people click out online ads when they are browsing before even seeing the product. Part of the reason for this is that online ads can quickly become annoying if they pop-up every time someone clicks on an interesting article or website.

You don’t have to do print marketing alone for your business to stand out. Combining print marketing and digital marketing can help you generate extra leads and help improve brand awareness more than just using one method. Print ads can even make your online ads more effective.


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